Who Is Healthier: The Picky Meal Or The Doyan Eats Everything?

Who Is Healthier: The Picky Meal Or The Doyan Eats Everything?

Who Is Healthier: The Picky Meal Or The Doyan Eats Everything?


There are two types of people you might meet everyday. The first is people who love to eat anything. For him, the food is only delicious and very tasty. While the second type of person is a hobby of choosing to eat. The food must be like this, can't use it, and all kinds of things.

Well, when viewed from a health perspective, what type of person is healthier? Do people who are picky eat? Or is it that the hooked person eats? Here's the full explanation!

Get to know the picky eat and the hooked person eats

People who love eating here do not mean people who eat carelessly. The point is people who dare to try menu choices or new food ingredients. From what is still natural, like innards to quite extreme ones, for example bandage (bird fetus).

While people who are picky eaters (picky eater) usually only want to eat foods that are already known and have been eaten. Those of you who are food voters also usually have very specific tastes. You can also have certain food allergies so you must be very careful when buying food.

Who is healthier?

It turns out, after being summarized from various studies, experts note that people who are fond of eating all kinds of foods are healthier than people who like to eat picky.

Aside from being healthier, it seems that people who dare to try new foods tend to have a more ideal body weight than people who like to be safe about food.

So, being picky about food doesn't necessarily mean that your diet is healthier than someone who likes to eat all kinds of things.

Why do people who like to eat healthier?

According to a study from the journal Food and Nutrition Sciences in 2012, daily nutritional intake of people who are picky about food seems to be lower than people who can eat anything.

This study further notes that people who are very choosy about food usually lack nutrients such as protein, monounsaturated fats, and various important minerals such as magnesium.

However, because the choice of food is very limited, the voter tends to overload one type of nutrition, namely calories. Because more calorie intake than other types of nutrients, research subjects who like to choose food are more susceptible to obesity.

This turned out to be successfully proven in a study recorded in the Obesity journal in 2015. In this study, experts suggested that people who like to try new foods actually have relatively more body weight than those who like to choose food.

In addition, this study also reveals that research subjects who are fond of eating tend to be healthier because they are actively exercising and are not easily fooled by lightning diets or celebrity-style diets.

So, which diet is better?

From various studies, it can be concluded that you should indeed have the courage to try various foods or new foods. That way, you can meet the needs of various types of nutrients in a balanced manner every day.

Suppose you are on the market. Try to choose the type of vegetable that you have never tasted before. Also vary the type of side dish served at home, not just chicken or fried tempeh. You can cook mushrooms or fish, for example. But keep in mind, even if you try various types of foods, keep a balanced diet and follow regular physical activity.

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