Who Is Better For Multitasking, Men or Women?

Who Is Better For Multitasking, Men or Women?

Who Is Better For Multitasking, Men or Women?


Who Is Better For Multitasking, Men or Women?

Multitasking. We all do it. Reply to messages in the group while walking, send an email order discount online shop items in the middle of the meeting, reply to social media notifications while cooking. Multitasking is a condition when you are able to do many things at one time. Wait a minute, are the examples above more likely to describe women? Are women better at multitasking than men?

Research reveals that ...

Research conducted by doctor Svetlana Kuptsova, by conducting MRI scans on male and female brains when confronted with multiple jobs at once, revealed that, these two gender brains responded with very different reactions, in which the male brain needed more energy to overcoming the sudden coming of work, compared to the female brain.

The research was then supported more specifically by research conducted by researchers from Glasgow, Leeds, and Hertfordshire University by pitting male and female skills in dealing with a number of different problems and conditions and continuously increasing at each stage.

In the first stage, when participants were confronted with a computer game designed with a focus on attention that quickly changed, women's performance turned out to outperform men a little.

Likewise with the second stage, when participants were asked to solve a number of mathematical questions, find the location of a particular restaurant on the map, look for a lost item and occasionally answer a number of general insight questions over the telephone that occasionally ring. Although both men and women are able to plan well, men's attention is immediately disrupted when these situations come in almost the same time (multitasking).

Research also reveals that women are better able to find lost items, compared to men. The researchers concluded that women were better able to keep processing and interpreting information even in any spatial condition.

Why are women better at multitasking than men?

Many theories are used to explain the results of the above research. This condition can occur because women are accustomed to multitasking, especially if the woman is a mother and a career woman. The situation formed he became accustomed and finally women were better at multitasking than men.

Another theory, obtained from research conducted by the University of Stockholm, reveals that a person's spatial abilities will trigger his ability to complete space-related work, such as finding lost items and finding locations on maps.

But this ability is also influenced by reproductive hormones in the human body. A professor of psychology, Doreen Kimura, revealed that the human right brain affects a person's spatial abilities and that spatial abilities will increase when the estrogen hormone decreases (not during ovulation).

Does multitasking have a good impact?

Depends. Some literature suggests not to continue the multitasking habit. Some of them explain that in fact, when you think you have completed some work with multitasking, you are just exchanging work with one another, leaving work to do other work, without first completing the job.

This is supported by Guy Winch, a psychologist, who says that in fact the human brain has limitations when it comes to attention and productivity. A study conducted by the University of Utah revealed that a driver actually takes more time to reach his goal, when he does it accompanied by occasional reply to messages on his mobile phone. Some people may have the ability to do multitasking by completing it until it's finished first, but not all.

Can you be multitasking?

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