Which Muscle Is the Most Strong in Our Body? Check out 6 interesting facts about human muscles

Which Muscle Is the Most Strong in Our Body? Check out 6 interesting facts about human muscles

Which Muscle Is the Most Strong in Our Body? Check out 6 interesting facts about human muscles


Not many know the facts about human muscles. In fact, without realizing it, daily activities ranging from breathing, swallowing, and moving even if done with the help of muscles.

However, regardless of how important muscles are for survival, there is still much that we do not know about how it performs and what unique things human muscles can do. Here are some facts about muscles that must be known.

6 facts about human muscles

1. Butt muscles are the strongest

You may have heard the facts about this one muscle, it says that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The strongest and largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus, the buttock muscle. Besides the buttocks there are other strong muscles such as calf muscles, uterine muscles (in a woman's body) and jaw muscles.

2. Muscles will grow during sleep

The National Sleep Foundation says, raising muscle is useless if you are training as hard as possible without being balanced with sleep. Why is that? Because, when sleeping the body rests all its members, the body will relax and trigger blood flow to the muscles.

In addition, hormones during sleep will trigger to release muscle development, and damaged or torn muscle tissue when practicing will be repaired. So for those who are raising muscles, don't forget to be balanced with enough sleep so that the results are maximum.

3. It's easier to increase muscle tone than to eliminate it

You might think that raising muscle is the hardest thing on this earth, but in fact it isn't. Raising the body's muscles, especially the hand muscles, is 47% easier than eliminating it.

A study found that you will easily build and enlarge muscles within two months. But when you intend to reduce the body muscles that were previously built, you only have 23% lower strength to eliminate them.

4. Muscles produce 85% of the body's warmth

Did you know, when the body is cold, will the muscles try hard to produce warmth in the body? Yes, when in cold temperatures, some of the body's muscles will contract and release enough heat to keep the body warm. Especially when the shivering is cold, the skin receptors will send signals to the brain and finally the muscles that take over to vibrate to warm the body.

5. Muscles have thoughts

When doing kick exercises to increase muscle tone, the brain sends signals to nerve cells. It aims to tell the muscles in the arms, back, center and feet to contract. During the exercise, the brain and muscles will communicate frequently, and you become more coordinated.

6. Muscles are more active burning calories

The day, the amount of calories that the body can burn without doing heavy activities depends on the body's muscle composition. Muscle metabolism is more active than fat, meaning that muscles can burn more calories more than fat even though we only rest all day. In one day, 500 grams of muscle can burn six calories while fat can only burn 2 calories.

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