Which Is More Dangerous To Health, Stomach Fat Or Thigh Fat?

Which Is More Dangerous To Health, Stomach Fat Or Thigh Fat?

Which Is More Dangerous To Health, Stomach Fat Or Thigh Fat?


The shape of each person's body must be different from one another. If you notice, there are fat people with a collection of fat in the stomach, while others have a collection of fat in the thighs. Did you know that the difference in location of fat can indicate a different danger? Then, between belly fat and thigh fat, which one is more dangerous?

More dangerous belly fat or thigh fat?

As mentioned before, everyone's body shape varies. People who have excess fat in the abdomen or around the upper part of their body can be called an apple type body shape. While people who have more fat in the lower part of the body, such as in the thigh, are known as pear-type body shapes.

Actually, each of these fat deposits, whether it's on the thigh or stomach, still endangers health and can pose a risk of certain diseases. But it turns out belly fat should be more vigilant than thigh fat.

Reported from the Forbes page, people who have a pile of belly fat usually have a lot of visceral fat (fat that sticks to parts of the body). This is far more dangerous than fat deposits under the skin such as the waist, thighs, or arms.

What are the risks caused by excessive abdominal fat?

Once you know which fat is more dangerous, it's time for you to find out the health risks caused by the accumulation of fat in your stomach.

According to Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, of the American Diabetes Association, that fat in your stomach can cause toxicity to the body's work system. These fats can stimulate the formation of cytokine chemicals in the body, so that it can increase the chances of heart disease. In addition, this also makes your body less sensitive to insulin, causing diabetes.

Cytokines can also cause inflammation that can cause cancer. It doesn't stop there, other health risks that you might receive are increased blood pressure, stroke, even sleep apnea.

How do you know that the fat in my stomach is at risk of having health problems?

Many people don't care about the fat deposits, especially in the abdomen. Some even consider this normal. In fact, you just have to be vigilant and know whether the fat can be dangerous or not.

There are easy ways to find out whether or not the fat in your stomach is dangerous. No need for blood tests or laboratory tests, all you need is a measuring device such as a meter that can be looped around your stomach.

The size of a normal waist circumference for women is less than 80 cm, whereas in men it must be less than 90 cm. So, when your waist size is more than this number, the greater the danger that can affect health.

Then, what can I do to overcome this?

Don't worry, if you have excessive fat in the stomach, then there are ways you can do it.

  • Consuming foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index can help prevent abdominal fat from multiplying. In addition, consumption of high-fiber foods such as apples, carrots, and whole-grain foods can help control weight.
  • Don't eat packaged foods too often because these foods contain trans fats, sugar, and salt, all of which can cause fat around the stomach.
  • Routine physical exercise can be very helpful in reducing or preventing belly fat. For example, you can do basic Pilates and yoga exercises to increase flexibility and strength of the abdominal muscles, besides aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming and walking can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the possibility of heart disease.

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