What's the Difference between Electric Cigarette and Vape?

What's the Difference between Electric Cigarette and Vape?

What's the Difference between Electric Cigarette and Vape?


Maybe most of you are familiar with e-cigarettes. Some call it vape. But is there a difference between e-cigarettes and vape?

What is e-cigarettes?

Electric cigarettes are a type of tool like cigarettes that produce nicotine in the form of steam, which is then sucked by the users. The world health organization (WHO) calls it the Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS).

Since when did electric cigarettes come into use?

Believe in not believing, e-cigarettes have been around since 1963. Electric cigarettes were invented by Herbert A Gilbert, but they were only truly produced by a Chinese national, Hon Lik, in 2003, and were distributed throughout the world at in 2006 with various brands.

How is the development of e-cigarettes in Indonesia?

Even though it was only circulated to the world in 2003, there are now 466 variations of electronic cigarette brands in Indonesia in 2014. This figure has even managed to spend up to 3 billion in assets! This is due to the increasing prevalence of e-cigarette sellers in Indonesia and the easier it is to get it at various prices, both at kiosks and online.

Is there a difference between e-cigarettes and vape?

Electric cigarettes consist of 3 main elements, namely metal heaters, batteries, and cartridges containing liquid chemicals. This metal heater is known as a vape brow vaporizer. In most e-cigarettes, inhaling electric cigarettes will activate the battery until it finally heats up the liquid in the cartridge and produces aerosol vapor or what is known as vapor. In other words, vape is only a term in the use of e-cigarettes.

What is contained in an e-cigarette or vape?

There is a difference in the e-cigarette liquid in each type. But in general, e-cigarettes consist of 4 types of solutions, namely:

  • Nicotine. Often the levels contained in electric cigarette packs do not match the levels listed on the packaging.
  • Propylene glycol. Substances in smoke puffs commonly used as fog machines for theatrical events.
  • And other substances such as metal, silica, etc.

Is it true that e-cigarettes can help stop smoking?

Initially electric cigarettes were indeed used as a therapy to stop smoking, but because of their unsafe effects on health, since 2010 WHO no longer recommends these therapies.

What are the effects of e-cigarettes?

  • Causes addiction. Especially because of the nicotine content in it.
  • Can be misused to include dangerous things like marijuana, heroin.
  • Many former smokers return to smoking because of the many opinions that say vape is safe.
  • The impact of other health that still requires a lot of further research.

So what? Still interested in trying?

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