What tests should be done to detect autism?

What tests should be done to detect autism?

What tests should be done to detect autism?


What tests should be done to detect autism?

Autism is a nervous disorder that affects a person's development. Therefore, children or adults with autism have difficulty communicating and interacting with others. However, it is not uncommon for children who do not have autism to experience developmental problems. So, what autism tests need to be done before the doctor gives a diagnosis? See the following article.

Developmental screening

Screening or developmental screening is a short autism test to test whether your child has a developmental delay. The doctor will ask you questions about the development of your child and he may talk or play with your child. The aim is to see how to learn, speak, move, behave, react, and interact with others.

Well, delay can be a sign of a development problem. So if your child's ability tends to be late compared to his age children, you need to be vigilant.

Your child must screen at 9 months, 18 months, and 24 or 30 months. He or she may have to undergo an additional check if he is premature, has a mild birth weight, or has other problems.

Rating behavior

The doctor will ask several questions to determine the type of developmental delay your child is experiencing.

First, the doctor will review your child's medical record (medical history). During the interview, the doctor will ask questions about the development of your child, such as whether he points to items if he wants something. A child with autism often stays silent, doesn't point to anything if he wants to tell him what he wants. He also usually doesn't check whether his parents look at the item.

Then, the doctor will use a diagnostic guide to get an assessment of your child's behavior that might be related to the main symptoms of autism. Examples of the main symptoms of autism are an unusual focus on several things. This means that children with autism often focus on parts of a toy, but he does not want to play with the toy as a whole and he cannot understand the toy.

Developmental and intelligence tests can be used to assess whether developmental delays affect your child's thinking and intelligence.

Physical assessment

Physical assessment is used to check whether a physical problem is causing your child's symptoms. The doctor will measure the height, weight, and circumference of the head to ensure that your child grows normally.

A hearing test is also used to check your child's listening ability. The doctor will also check if there is a connection between hearing problems and developmental delays, including those related to language skills.

Laboratory tests

Laboratory autism tests are also used to determine whether physical problems cause symptoms of autism in your child. Usually this is done through DNA testing (genetic).

The lead poisoning test measures the amount of lead in your child's blood. Lead is a toxic metal that can cause brain damage and other body parts. This autism test can be done by taking a blood sample. According to the health site WebMD, children with autism are more likely to experience lead poisoning. This is because the child may like to eat or put foreign objects into his mouth.

Scans MRI can show detailed images of the brain and help doctors determine whether signs of difference in brain structure can cause symptoms such as autism.

Chromosome analysis will be done if your child is suspected of having an intelligence disorder (which is characterized by mental abilities and intelligence below average and lack of basic skills for life).

The diagnosis of autism can be difficult to enforce because it can vary from one person to another. If you think your child has autism, consult your doctor as soon as possible. A number of assessments and tests of autism will be carried out to help specialists detect whether the child's experience is true of autism.

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