What is the stage for Pap smear examination?

What is the stage for Pap smear examination?

What is the stage for Pap smear examination?


Pap smear examinations are ideally carried out by all women, especially those aged 21 years and above or who have been sexually active. The goal is to detect if there is a development of cancer cells in the cervix so prevention can be done as early as possible. Unfortunately, many women refuse to do this examination because it is considered painful. Indeed, what are the stages of the pap smear examination and will it really hurt ??

Sequence of the stage of Pap smear examination

Before making your own conclusions about what might happen while doing a pap smear, you should first understand the actual stages of a pap smear:

1. Before pap smear

What is the stage for Pap smear examination?

Of course, you have to make a scheduled appointment with an obstetrician and gynecology specialist (SpOG) or an obstetrician before doing a pap smear. Make sure you are not menstruating on the day of the pap smear, because the results obtained can be less accurate.

Doctors also advise you not to do vaginal douches, use products in the vagina, to have sexual intercourse for approximately two days before pap smears. All of these things can affect the results of your examination. Don't forget to also tell your doctor about your medical history and sexual history.

2. During pap smears

What is the stage for Pap smear examination?

The stage of pap smear examination is actually simple and tends to be fast. You will be asked to lie on a special bed with the foot position supported by a special support so that it is lifted and wide open (astride position).

Next, a device called a speculum is inserted into the vagina by the doctor in order to dilate while giving way to the cervix. The doctor will then take a cell sample on the cervix using a tool such as a spatula, brush, or a combination of a special spatula and brush (cytobrush).

The sample is placed in a container filled with special liquid, if you do a pap smear with liquid. Or spread on special glass slides, if you do conventional pap smears. Finally, the sample will be taken to the laboratory for examination.

3. After pap smear

What is the stage for Pap smear examination?

After the pap smear examination is complete, maybe you will feel a little uncomfortable. This is triggered by the vaginal muscles that tighten during the test. Conversely, if the vaginal muscles are more relaxed, of course the speculum is easier to enter so that the examination runs faster and painlessly.

Some people with vaginal dryness may also complain of discomfort, so talk to your doctor first before pap smears if you do have this complaint.

Pap smear results usually come out 1-3 weeks later. If it is negative, it means that your cervix is ​​normal. But if the results are positive, it does not mean you are immediately diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Because this result only shows the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix, you can do a pap smear again in the next few months to confirm it.

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