What Is Right Most Sports Make Women Difficult to Get Pregnant?

What Is Right Most Sports Make Women Difficult to Get Pregnant?

What Is Right Most Sports Make Women Difficult to Get Pregnant?


Everyone knows that by exercising, the body will produce a healthy body, reduce the risk of stress, and can facilitate the fertility of married couples. However, there are exceptions that arise if women or men exercise too hard, because this risks their chances of pregnancy. How can most sports make it difficult to get pregnant? Consider the explanation below first.

Women who are underweight due to most sports can find it difficult to get pregnant

A study conducted by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, examined more than 3,000 women aged 18 to 40 years who were craving for pregnancy. Previously, the women were asked about their exercise routines every week, how many hours they spent exercising, and the various types of exercise they did.

The results show that the average participant who routinely does sports, but who is underweight, needs more time to get pregnant. That is true when compared to women who exercise but have a healthy balance.

In addition, PreconceptionWeekly.com also reports that extreme exercise can interfere with the process of pregnancy by inhibiting ovulation or disrupting the implantation of fertilized eggs. According to a report on the website, too much or too little fat in the body can cause hormonal imbalances, because about 30% of the female hormone estrogen is produced from fat cells. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight can help women maintain their hormonal balance, which can also facilitate the fertilization process.

Men who ride too often are at risk of impotence

Then just like women, about 40% of men who exercise too much are at risk of experiencing impotence. Christina Spaccavento, a sex therapist from Australia states that excessive exercise can increase the levels of the hormone cortisol and reduce the hormone tertosterone in the body. Both if combined, can be known as the most powerful stress trigger for men.

One sport that is quite at risk of experiencing impotence is cycling. According to Vinod Nargund, a urology surgeon at St Bartholomew Hospital in London, when you ride your body weight is all on the buttocks. On the buttocks, there is a body part called the perineum and consists of nerves and arteries that supply blood to the genitals.

Unfortunately, the bicycle seat is generally small, hard, narrow, and the shape is indeed forward at the end. This makes the perineum depressed and cannot drain the blood to the genitals and is at risk of damaging the nerve tissue due to too much pressure. No smooth flow of blood to the genitals and disorders of nerve tissue can cause impotence, which can also reduce the chance of pregnancy by men.

Then how can exercise not interfere with fertility?

Actually, exercise is very beneficial for the body because it can basically treat and facilitate problems of ovulation and menstruation in women. However, it is very highly recommended for women who want to realize pregnancy not to exercise too much and keep an ideal body weight.

As for men, as explained above, too much exercise can actually reduce testosterone levels in the body. It also does not escape if the hormone cortisol can appear and cause stress.

Well, for those who like cycling it doesn't mean you have to finish biking altogether. Tips, try occasionally you stand up and lift your buttocks during cycling, this can help to restore blood flow to your genitals. That way, at least you can minimize impotent risk.

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