What is the Function of Brainwave Therapy? Is it really effective?

What is the Function of Brainwave Therapy? Is it really effective?

What is the Function of Brainwave Therapy? Is it really effective?


What is the Function of Brainwave Therapy? Is it really effective?

Have you ever heard that our conscious brain works only 20% of your life, while the remaining 80% is the result of unconscious brain performance? Then, how do we make our brain work fully? Brainwave therapy is said to be a solution. What is brainwaves? And is it true that brain wave therapy can affect brain performance? See the following article review.

What is brainwaves?

Simply put, brainwaves is a music made by adjusting the frequency that has been made in such a way, and if listened to regularly it will affect your brain. Brain wave therapy is claimed to be able to increase IQ, increase height, and make it easier to sleep.

Brain waves referred to in the term brainwaves are waves with frequency calculations and certain combinations that can change the structure and mindset of your brain, precisely the subconscious brain.

Scientifically, your body consists of various systems such as the digestive system, breathing, or others. In these systems there is a driver or controller, namely the brain. The brain functions as the controlling center for all activities carried out every day, both consciously and unconsciously.

The brain is divided according to its function, namely the left brain and right brain. The left brain has the nature of working logically (scientifically), so the ability to remember is only a short term. While the right brain has the nature of working feeling (mentally) and has the ability to remember in the long run. To be able to control the body, the brain needs a device called hormones. The hormones produced by the right brain are different from the hormones produced by the left brain.

This hormone production is controlled by brain wave therapy. The more certain hormones are produced, the more certain properties or effects will be caused by the body. Certain hormones can be produced on certain stimuli. Certain stimuli are received from the outside, sent by the body to the brain, then the brain as the main controller will determine which hormones to produce and how many are produced.

Based on the work system, brainwaves are used. Brain wave therapy functions to change or control the brain slowly, only that controlled brainwaves are the subconscious brain, not the conscious brain.

Brain waves can also be found in everyday life

The tool used to measure brain waves is Electroencephalograph (EEG). Neurons in the brain produce frequencies that vary between 0-30 Hz so that they can be classified into alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves. Each wave has different characteristics and can describe a person's mentality.

You can understand Brainwaves through everyday life. A simple example is that when you sit on the beach while listening to the waves, water ripples and birds chirping, there are an average of 10 sounds every second making you feel relaxed, relaxed and peaceful. That's because these sounds make your brain respond to producing alpha waves with a frequency of 10 Hz so you become relaxed and more creative.

Or when you drive at night it goes through a smooth road and you drive at a certain speed where you pass 20 street lights every second. Your brain will produce 20 Hz frequency waves that keep you alert while driving. It's different if your vehicle's speed decreases so you only pass 6 lights per second, so your brain produces theta waves that make it easier for you to daydream and feel sleepy when driving.

This simple thing explains how brainwaves work to influence brain performance and have a direct impact on the body. You have to understand one thing that each wave frequency has its own effect on your body and mind.

How is it? Are you interested in trying brain wave therapy?

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