What is an eye cream for? Do Everyone Need to Use Eye Cream?

What is an eye cream for? Do Everyone Need to Use Eye Cream?

What is an eye cream for? Do Everyone Need to Use Eye Cream?


What is an eye cream for? Do Everyone Need to Use Eye Cream?

A number of skin and facial care products have become basic necessities that are obligatory to always be available on your dresser. For example, facial moisturizer, sunscreen, and facial washing soap. But not everyone uses eye cream. Actually, how important is the role of eye cream in your daily skin care team?

What is the difference between ordinary eye cream and moisturizer?

The eyelids are the most delicate skin structure in the body. Because the skin of the eye is very active (we blink until countless numbers), the area around the eyes is the first part that will show signs of stress and aging. For example fine lines and wrinkles. The fluid that settles under the eyes also causes swelling and dark circles. So, there is a special moisturizing cream for eyes that is specifically targeted to fight this problem.

Eye cream specially formulated for smooth skin around the eyes. This cream contains more oil than ordinary facial lotions, and more active ingredients are intended to get rid of the aging problem that we see around the eyes. Ordinary moisturizers do not contain special ingredients to deal with dark circles by targeting blood vessel leakage that causes "panda eyes" that are not that adorable at all.

It's okay to use ordinary facial moisturizers in the area of ​​your eyes. Some traditional facial moisturizing products do not contain skin irritants - for example, perfume, mineral oil, and alcohol - so they are safe to use around the eye area. This is enough to just provide moisture intake for the skin in the eye area.

When to start using eye cream?

"There is no specific age where you need to enter eye cream in your routine, but people with very dry skin, sensitive skin, eye bags, very visible dark circles, or wrinkles are the best candidates , "Said the dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, reported by Self.

However, prevention is better than cure. Maryan Zamani, Oculoplastic surgeon and consultant at Cosmetic Cadogan (and many other skin beauty experts), reported by the Telegraph, advises you to start using eye creams regularly from the late 20s to early 30s.

Routine care for the skin around your eyes since the age of 20 will slow down the aging process of the skin. It is also important to protect the skin around the eyes with sunscreen (face only, yes!) During the day to better help prevent skin damage due to pollution and premature aging.

What kind of eye cream is good to use?

An eye cream that is perfect for protecting and repairing the skin will contain caffeine to constrict blood vessels under the eyes to reduce swelling and eye bags. Similarly, retinol or vitamin C helps correct fine lines, wrinkles, and some pigmentation problems by encouraging collagen production.

A quality eye cream also ideally includes amino acid oligopeptides to help fight free radicals that damage the skin, and niacinamide to reduce discoloration (discoloration or black spots).

Meanwhile, a good afternoon eye cream should contain mica - the active composition that works reflects light to disguise dark circles.

What is the right way to use eye cream?

For the appearance of a pair of beautiful twinkling eyes, all you need is to apply eye cream after washing your face in the morning and evening before going to bed. Ideally, the most effective size of the "portion" of an eye cream is the size of a pea for both sides of the eye.

Spots the eye cream using the ring finger or little finger along the orbital bone, or eye socket, and not on the eyelid. Lightly pat and mix the cream from the outermost corner of the eye where there is eye wrinkling, and move down along the orbital bone towards the nasal bone. The tapping movement will gently massage the cream until it seeps into the skin. Then move up, give a little more pressure and sweep the remaining cream along the eyebrows and brow bones, to the outer corners of the eye.

Avoid placing eye creams too close to your eyes, such as on the petals or on the eyelashes. This allows the product to enter and irritate the inside of the eye, because the product will spread when it warms up after exposure to your body temperature. Your skin acts as a sponge to take what is needed. The product will spread within one or two hours, so there is no need to apply the cream directly on soft tissue. Then, wait 10-15 minutes before applying another skin care product or makeup.

A great way to eradicate swollen eyes in the morning is to put wet cotton in the freezer for a few minutes, gently massage your eye cream to the eye contour area and then apply a cold compress from the freezer to the eye area to a few minutes.

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