What if Eyelashes Enter the Eyes? How to remove it?

What if Eyelashes Enter the Eyes? How to remove it?

What if Eyelashes Enter the Eyes? How to remove it?


What if Eyelashes Enter the Eyes? How to remove it?

Eyelashes are eye protection that prevents most foreign particles or objects from entering the eye. However, in some conditions, eyelashes can actually fall out and get into the eyes. Have you ever experienced this? What do you feel when your eyelashes fall into your eyes? Is this dangerous or not? Then how do you remove it safely at home?

Is it dangerous if the eyelashes fall into the eyes?

Eyelashes are a foreign object that can enter the eye. When eyelashes fall into the eye, chances are that the lashes will stick to the cornea and conjunctiva. The cornea is a protective layer that covers the front surface of the eyeball. While the conjunctiva is a thin mucous membrane that coats the sclera or the white part of the eye.

Foreign objects such as eyelashes that enter the eye usually do not enter behind the eyeball, but fall on this surface. Well, this can cause scratches. This scratch creates an irritating condition that makes the eyes red and feels uncomfortable. Especially if the lashes don't come out successfully, the risk of irritation is even greater.

Actually the eyelashes that enter the eye can come out by themselves. Because the eye will respond to foreign objects that enter by producing tears. The eyes feel more watery and the lashes can eventually be pushed out. However, sometimes the lashes also do not come out by themselves so that they are lodged in the eye and can cause more severe irritation, especially if your eyes are very dry.

Symptoms that can be caused when eyelashes or other foreign objects enter the eye

Reporting from the Healthline page, if there are objects like eyelashes falling into your eyes, there will be some symptoms that you can feel:

  • Eyes like there are things that block
  • Eyes hurt
  • Eyes become blinking excessively
  • Eyes are reddened
  • Pain when you see light

What if Eyelashes Enter the Eyes? How to remove it?

How to remove eyelashes that enter the eye

  • Before starting to handle your eyes, wash your hands with soap and running water. Make sure the hands are clean.
  • If the eyelashes are not blinked yet can come out, try to water the lashes out of the eye by flowing warm water. Stream warm water from the forehead to the eye that attaches the eyelashes while you hold the eyelid open.
  • Or use a clean eyecup (small glass for washing your eyes). Fill the eyecup with warm, clean water. Stick the eyecup to the eyes and blink the eyes in the eyecup.
  • Don't rub your eyes or press your eyes when lashes or other foreign objects enter your eyes. When you rub your eyes, you make a scratch between the lashes with the surface of the eye getting harder. This can worsen your eye condition.
  • If you use contact lenses, remove them first to make sure your contact lenses are not scratched or torn.
  • Do not use equipment such as tweezers or other sharp objects to get eyelashes inside the eye.

When should I see a doctor?

Although basically the eyelashes falling into the eye are usually not dangerous and can be removed by yourself, stay alert if these conditions arise:

  • The object is not successfully removed and the eyes continue to feel uncomfortable
  • Vision becomes blurred
  • Eyes swell up
  • The condition of the eye gets worse even though objects lodged in the eye have been removed
  • You can't close your eyes
  • Eyes bleed

Immediately consult an ophthalmologist if the above conditions occur. Next, the ophthalmologist will usually do:

  • The eye surface will be numbed
  • The doctor gives a substance such as coloring so that it can clearly see the part that is scratched in the eye due to the incoming foreign object
  • Then the doctor will see more detail with the pupil part of the eye
  • When a problem area has been found, the doctor will try to remove a foreign object from the eye using a needle or other special instrument. However, if a foreign object is not found or has entered deeper not on the surface of the eye again, then the doctor will do an X-ray scan to see exactly which part of the eye is really stuck, scratched, or inserted this foreign object.

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