What happens to the body when struck by lightning?

What happens to the body when struck by lightning?

What happens to the body when struck by lightning?



One of the most frightening things when heavy rain is lightning. His shocking lightning and thunderous voice made almost everyone feel horrified when he saw the flash of lightning. This horror increased, when many media reported that victims who were struck by lightning led to death. Actually, what happens to the body when struck by lightning? Here's the review.

What happens when someone is struck by lightning?

Being struck by lightning is certainly a terrible thing. Lightning can grab the earth at speeds reaching 300,000 kilometers per hour, this is as large as the energy produced by a nuclear reactor.

However, your chances of a lifetime of being struck by lightning are 1 in 12,000. When viewed from the statistics, there are 500 people in the world who are struck by lightning every year. Of this number, 90 percent of them survived. So, what happens if someone is struck by lightning?

Power delivered by lightning to the ground, usually at 300 kilovolts, or 150 times greater than electricity used for industry. This power will leave a trail in the form of plasma that illuminates the earth with zigzag light that you often see so far.

When you are struck by lightning, your body is only subjected to 3 milliseconds of electricity, but many things can happen in a split second. When lightning is finished grabbing, the lightning will leave your body with deep wounds and of course burns. Precisely three-level burns which are the worst burns, which also damage tissue under the skin.

In addition, the hair and clothes you use will burn or burn. In fact, the clothes you wear may be out of shape, due to the warming of the air around the area struck by lightning reaching 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This number is five times hotter than the sun's surface.

Why can someone die from being struck by lightning?

The situation will be worse if you wear metal accessories, such as necklaces, or piercings. These objects can easily conduct electricity, and make the skin roast instantly. If this lightning comes out through your feet to the ground, the footwear you wear will immediately be destroyed.

Blood vessels that are burned due to electric shock from lightning and heat, will usually cause a condition called lichtenberg figure on the skin, where the skin becomes a wound patterned to resemble a tree branch.

In some extreme cases, when someone is struck by lightning, they will immediately experience cardiac arrest. This is caused by a heart rhythm that changes after being hit by an electric shock. This is what causes several cases of death from being struck by lightning.

This electric shock can also cause chronic damage from the respiratory system. If the electric shock enters the skull, the brain will be the main target. This can cause coma, as well as paralysis, both temporary and total.

What happens when someone survives a lightning strike?

If you survive a lightning strike, there are some things that are related to the nerve that will change. Some scientists still have not found the reason, but they believe that if the electric shock touches the 'circuit' internally in the brain, this will cause cell behavior to change. This will cause changes in personality, mood swings, and loss of memory.

Physically, it is possible for those who survived lightning strikes to lose control of muscles, such as Parkinson's.

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