What causes sex to taste good?

What causes sex to taste good?

What causes sex to taste good?


What causes sex to taste good?

Since the start of human civilization, having sex is no longer seen only as a way of producing offspring. Evolution proves that humans enjoy sex as a form of recreation and expression of affection, not just reproduction. Even as time goes by, people continue to innovate so that sex feels more enjoyable. Whether it's through a variety of new sex positions, sex toys (sex toys) to support intimacy, to vaginal lubrication. However, why does having sex feel good?

The reason is that the pleasure felt when doing intimate things is really different from other things in life. For example, eating good food or lazing on the bed. Then, what distinguishes sexual pleasure from other pleasures? Here is the answer.

Get to know sexual pleasure

Sex feels good because your body reacts biologically to sexual stimulation. This feeling is also known as sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure can be achieved by various things, for example by touch, kiss, vision, hearing, words, or even through imagination. All parts of your body will work synergistically, starting from the brain, heart, blood, to the intimate organs. This body reaction will create pleasure.

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In men, sexual pleasure is usually characterized by penile erection. This is because blood flow is pumped towards the penis. Meanwhile, women will usually experience a wet vagina. When feeling excited, the vagina will produce natural lubricating fluids that make the area of ​​a woman's sex organs wet.

Get to know the stages of sexual pleasure

When having sex, there are stages that can bring the couple to the peak of pleasure. The phase or stage is characterized by various changes in the body of men and women. In each stage, the good taste that emerges is of different intensity.

Learn about the following stages of sexual pleasure to find out why sex feels good, even from starting to warm up or foreplay.

1. Passion stage

At the initial stage, both partners will produce pheromones, which are natural chemicals from the body. Pheromones will increase sexual arousal and are responsible for providing a pleasant sensation when you receive or give sexual stimulation. Usually at this time the heart rate becomes faster and there is a huge desire to have sex.

2. Plateau stage

The passion that you feel is increasing and intense. This rising plateau or curve takes longer than the other stages. Usually in this phase you do penetration, oral sex, or other sexual acts that are quite intense. The penis will erect and enlarge, while the vagina gets wet. Male and female nipples will also harden at this stage.

According to research, parts of the brain that recognize pleasure, namely the amygdala, hypothalamus, and sensory cortex become very active. The brain reads sexual activity as a gift or reward for your body. As a result, the brain also sends a signal to the body to increase the pleasant sensation.

If at this stage you feel sex is unpleasant or even painful, you should take a break first and talk to your partner. Remember, sex should feel good. If you don't feel it, maybe you both aren't psychologically ready or there are certain health conditions that affect sex performance.

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3. Orgasm or climax

After going through the passionate stage and the stage of the sexual pleasure curve rising, you reach the climax or the highest peak of sexual pleasure. This stage is the most delicious. However, not everyone can always reach climax. Because the body's reactions that occur are so complicated. This reaction is called orgasm.

When it climaxes with orgasm, brain activity actually decreases. Your body will focus on the intimate area, the penis and vagina. The hormones produced during orgasm are endorphins, prolactin, and oxytocin. These hormones function to repel pain and provide sexual sensation of pleasure and satisfaction. This is what makes sex feel good and different from other pleasures.

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In men, orgasm is characterized by ejaculation. Meanwhile in women orgasm is usually characterized by contractions in the muscles around the vagina and the discharge of female ejaculation fluid. This climax stage usually lasts a little more than a minute. However, the sensation of pleasure can last for several minutes after reaching a climax.


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