What Are the Effects on Babies If Mothers Are Affected by Vaginal Mushroom Infection When Pregnant?

What Are the Effects on Babies If Mothers Are Affected by Vaginal Mushroom Infection When Pregnant?

What Are the Effects on Babies If Mothers Are Affected by Vaginal Mushroom Infection When Pregnant?


What Are the Effects on Babies If Mothers Are Affected by Vaginal Mushroom Infection When Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the most vulnerable period for both pregnant women and the fetus. That is why, during pregnancy, pregnant women must make many adjustments to all forms of changes that occur in their bodies. Because, many things can happen during pregnancy. One of them has vaginal yeast infection.

What are the characteristics and symptoms of vaginal yeast infection?

Yeast fungal infections are the most common type of vaginal infection in women during pregnancy. This infection in the medical language is referred to as monilial vaginitis or vaginal candidiasis caused by soaring fungal growth Candida albicans - a natural fungus that lives inside the vagina.

Some of the symptoms that often appear if you have a fungal infection are you often remove mucus from the vagina. This mucus is normal if it doesn't smell, but if it causes it, it could be caused by an infection from the fungus. In addition, you also complain about the area around the vagina and labia itching, pain, redness, pain, irritation or swelling.

What are the causes of vaginal yeast infections during pregnancy?

Higher estrogen levels during pregnancy make your vagina produce more glycogen, which then makes it easier for yeast to grow there. Some researchers consider this estrogen to have a direct effect on fungal growth, so the fungus grows faster and attaches more easily to the vaginal wall. Well, this causes the area around the vagina to become itchy, which triggers fungal infections.

Apart from the effects of glycogen, the environment around the moist vagina can also be a trigger for the growth of fungi. This is because women who get pregnant usually sweat very easily, especially if the outside temperature is very hot.

Not only that, you will also be more likely to develop fungal infections when you take antibiotics, especially if you often drink them for long periods of time. Because the antibiotics you drink in addition to killing the targeted bacteria, this drug can also affect the bacteria in your vagina which will actually make you grow more.

What are the consequences if you get vaginal yeast infection during pregnancy?

This infection does not harm your pregnancy. It's just that, the effects caused will make you uncomfortable in the area around the vagina. However, if the infection still occurs when the baby is born it will have an impact on the baby. One of them is causing the baby to experience mouth ulcers due to ingestion of a liquid containing the fungus.

That's why, based on this risk, you should immediately treat it if you have a fungal infection during pregnancy. Consult your doctor so you can get medicines that are safe so they do not affect your condition during pregnancy.

In addition, it is important to know if not always vaginal infections caused by fungi. Because, there are also vaginal infections caused by bacteria. So, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you see symptoms of vaginal infections during pregnancy.

How do you prevent vaginal yeast infections during pregnancy?

Some things that must be done by pregnant women to avoid fungal infections during pregnancy, namely:

  • Be sure to always keep the area around the vagina dry and not damp so that it inhibits fungal growth or bacteria.
  • Clothing that is recommended during pregnancy is an easy to absorb sweat like cotton and do not forget to regularly change underwear.
  • When rinsing the vagina, point the rinse after urinating from front to back, because if you are at risk from the back to the front you are infected with fungi or other bacteria.
  • Don't use your pants while still wet, you should wait until they are completely dry so as not to create a humid environment.
  • If complaints arise, you should check your blood sugar level, because if the levels are high it will prolong the healing process of fungal infections.

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