Weekend Warriors Phenomenon: Only Weekend Sports

Weekend Warriors Phenomenon: Only Weekend Sports

Weekend Warriors Phenomenon: Only Weekend Sports


Weekend Warriors Phenomenon: Only Weekend Sports

Exercising every Saturday or Sunday morning may be a routine for some people. However, did you know that by only actively moving on weekends, do you still include someone who is less active in physical activity? Especially if during workdays you tend to spend time sitting while working which tends to be on your own. This phenomenon is known as the pattern of weekend warriors sports where a person is only actively engaged on weekends.

Why weekend warriors are not considered physically active

An active lifestyle can be achieved by actively moving and doing it in 3 days a week. While the pattern of physical activity weekend warriors is a pattern of physical activity that is only done on weekends and tends to be inactive on weekdays. In general, working out on Sundays is also done in a shorter time and may be less than 60 minutes.

When viewed from a long time, the need for adult physical activity is 150 minutes a week for moderate intensity physical activities (such as cycling, swimming, walking, doing homework, playing sports games) with a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise sessions . WHO also recommends strengthening muscles, fulfilling the need for 150 minutes of physical activity a week in 2-3 days. Being physically active on a regular basis will help the muscles develop better.

Am I a weekend warrior?

Someone meets the criteria of weekend warriors if he spends more time sitting on weekdays and only has about 150 minutes of physical activity on weekends. But if it does not meet these criteria, then he still includes having a sedentary pattern of physical activity even though he has been exercising at the weekend.

What is the effect if you only exercise on weekends?

Typical sports on weekends are done in a short time and maybe with too high intensity. The body needs an adaptation to exercise, the body muscles that are not ready to move with high intensity will be more at risk of experiencing various injuries, including:

  1. Achilles Tendon Rupture - is damage to the tissue or torn muscles of the tendon of the foot, usually caused by activities that use the foot to walk and run. Symptoms of this injury can be easily observed marked by swelling in the part of the leg tendon which has been ruptured or torn. This includes serious muscle damage and even requires surgery for healing.
  2. Plantar fasciitis - is an injury to the back of the foot (heel) caused by excessive pressure and is often characterized by pain. The effects of pain from this injury tend to last long even to the annual duration to completely disappear.
  3. Lateral epicondylitis - in the form of injury to the area around the elbow. Repeated bending of the wrist accompanied by supination or pronation causes minor damage to the muscles and elbow collagen tissue. Sports movements that use hands and sports equipment such as golf and tennis are the main causes of this injury.
  4. Ankle sprain or ankle sprained - is one form of injury to the joints of the foot because of the movement of the rotating foot which is the normal limit of its movement. Excessive pressure to spin your legs while exercising is the main cause. If this happens usually the joint area in the back of the foot with the tibia will experience swelling and pain.
  5. Shin splints - are injuries caused by excessive pressure of the tibia (shin), pain originating from tendons around the bone that is under pressure. This is due to the increased intensity of exercise on hard surfaces or uneven surfaces.
  6. Increases the risk of heart attack - Exercising does have benefits, but too high an intensity will be harmful to health. In addition to injury, a greater risk is a threat to cardiovascular health in individuals with weekend warriors. One study showed that heart attacks (cardiac arrest) during exercise are more common in less active individuals who experience increased physical activity in a sports session. This is because the work of the heart will be heavier if we are not accustomed to physical activity with an intensity that is too high so that it triggers a malfunction and heart attack. This can also be exacerbated by risk factors for heart disease.

To avoid injury while exercising on weekends, you need to prepare your body by starting a low intensity exercise or being one or two days before the weekend. Gradual increase in intensity is needed to prevent injury when exercising with high intensity. Also do heating and cooling by stretching the muscles before and after exercise.

A study to find out the benefits of weekend warriors activity patterns found this pattern of activity would be useful for preventing various chronic diseases in someone with a healthy body, but this did not have a significant effect on individuals with risk factors. In addition, recommendations for physical activity to be active for at least 3 days per week aim to make routine activities for individuals and increase their intensity so that they can be useful in preventing obesity and the occurrence of the metabolic syndrome. So that the pattern of weekend warrior activity will be less effective if you have a goal of weight loss and the application of a healthy lifestyle.


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