Watch out, if you smoke, your child is at risk of smoking too at an early age

Watch out, if you smoke, your child is at risk of smoking too at an early age

Watch out, if you smoke, your child is at risk of smoking too at an early age


Parents who smoke can endanger the health of their sons and daughters. Especially if you smoke near children. Because the smoke from cigarettes that you suck will be inhaled by the child so that they become passive smokers. However, besides having a negative impact on health, there are still other serious impacts if parents smoke. One of them is your child tends to smoke in adolescence. How is that possible? Here is the explanation.

Teenagers tend to smoke at an early age if parents smoke

A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that teens whose parents were smokers were twice as likely to start smoking at the age of 13. In this study, a team of experts from the University of Washington in the United States recorded the development of more than 800 teenagers since they were 13 years old until they were 21 years old.

Other studies in the American Journal of Public Health also echo similar results. According to this study, almost 40% of teenagers whose parents were smokers also had smoked or at least had tried cigarettes at an average age of 13 years.

Furthermore, in a study by Columbia University Medical Center in collaboration with the New York State Psychiatric Institute, it was stated that those whose parents smoked were three times more likely to try at least a cigarette in their teens. Whereas if the parents are heavy smokers, teenagers have twice the chance to start smoking every day.

According to one researcher from the expert team at the University of Washington, Karl Hill, Ph.D., children will imitate the habits of parents smoking, even though you may have reminded them many times not to smoke until they reach 18 years and above . Especially if all this time you often involve children in your habits, for example, ask your child to get a cigarette in a bag or light your cigarette.

Other impacts that might arise if parents smoke

In addition to the health risks of passive smoking and the tendency to smoke at an early age, the researchers also found a psychological impact on children if parents smoke. Reporting from the journal Pediatrics in 2010, a team of experts from the University of Bristol, England noted that children whose mothers smoke have a tendency to be 53 percent more likely to show negative behavior. Starting from breaking the rules, behaving aggressively (rude), cheating, not obeying, to bullying others.

All other factors that influence a child's mental development such as social status and parental education have been considered by the researchers. However, negative behavior in children found still refers to the habit of smoking mothers. However, further research is still needed to ascertain exactly how parents smoke can increase the risk of bad behavior in children and adolescents.

What does it mean for parents who are currently smoking?

If you are a smoker, you should start taking steps to stop smoking for your sons and daughters. Whereas if you are currently trying to stop smoking, as much as possible do not smoke while you are with children.

You also don't need to involve children in your smoking habits. For example, ask children to buy cigarettes or lighters in stalls. In addition, always remind children not to try cigarettes until they are 18 years old. Finally, don't forget to keep your cigarettes out of the reach of children.

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