Various Dangers Caused by Doing Their Own Abortion

Various Dangers Caused by Doing Their Own Abortion

Various Dangers Caused by Doing Their Own Abortion


Various Dangers Caused by Doing Their Own Abortion

According to the 2014 report on the official website of the BKKBN (National Population and Family Planning Agency), the rate of abortion in Indonesia is quite high, reaching 2.4 million per year. Even every year there is an increase of about 15%, and 800 thousand of them are carried out by young women who are still students. Unfortunately, many women don't think about the dangers of having an illegal abortion, especially if they have their own abortion. Therefore, the Indonesian government issued Government Regulation No.61 of 2014 concerning Reproductive Health. In Article 31, it is regulated that abortion is legalized for pregnancy due to rape, and can only be done if the gestational age is under 40 days.

According to the WHO, unsafe abortion is a procedure to terminate a pregnancy carried out by an individual who does not have the necessary skills, or who is done in an environment that is not in accordance with minimum medical standards, or both. Unsafe abortions are common in illegal places. Nearly half of abortions worldwide are not safe, and almost all of these unsafe abortions (by 98%) occur in developing countries. This is the main cause of maternal death.

Various of the most dangerous methods of self-abortion

According to PubMed, the method commonly used for abortion includes the use of drugs, tools, widening the cervix (cervical dilation), and trauma (such as hurting yourself). The following is an example of a painful, dangerous, and deadly method that a woman does when having her own abortion:

  • Put a leech over the vagina
  • Place cayenne on top of the vagina
  • Swallow alkaline liquid
  • Swallow gunpowder
  • Drop yourself down the stairs
  • Hit the stomach
  • Bathe in hot water
  • Take trepentin (tusam oil)
  • Take opium

Impact of using an abortion

The use of drugs for abortion is very popular among women. However, this method turns out to be dangerous, even if you use herbal medicines though. The following are the effects of using drugs for health:

Abortion with herbal medicine

Actually, although herbs can be an exception to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations, they are drugs and also chemicals. In fact, plants rarely have a standard level of chemicals. Temperature, humidity and soil conditions all contribute to plant growth. Chemicals in plants of the same type can vary from year to year and from region to region. This difference can result in the ineffectiveness of the overdose range. In addition, most herbal medicines use doses that are harmful to the mother to affect pregnancy.

Over-the-counter abortion drugs

Sometimes women find the right medicine and the right instructions for causing an abortion. However, from the experience of some patients, this is very rare. The most common problem is that the drug you are looking for is fake, which is often imported from a foreign country and does not contain any ingredients that cause abortion. Sometimes the drugs sold contain lead and toxins that are harmful to your body.

Examples such as the use of Cytotec drugs, which were originally prescription drugs used to treat ulcer disease. However, this drug is misused as a dark remedy for abortion. Abuse of Cytotec can cause excessive bleeding from the uterus. Complications can appear in a short time, such as only a few hours, according to Prof. Kuldip.

Another risk is infection, because the cervix will widen during the drug-induced abortion process. The bacteria can easily rise to the genital tract, which causes severe infections in the uterus, fallopian tubes, and pelvis. This infection can make a woman infertile. In severe cases, even this drug can cause death.

The impact of overall abortion alone

According to BKKBN, here are the risks that will occur when having an abortion, especially for adolescents:

  • Death due to too much bleeding
  • Death due to failed anesthesia
  • Slow death due to serious infection around the womb
  • Uterine perforation
  • Cervical lacerations that will cause disability in the next child
  • Breast cancer (due to an imbalance of the female hormone estrogen)
  • Ovarian cancer (ovarian cancer)
  • Cervical cancer (cervical cancer)
  • Liver cancer (liver cancer)
  • Abnormalities in the placenta or placenta (placenta previa) that will cause disability in the next child and severe bleeding in the next pregnancy


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