Understanding the Dead Gancet from the Medical Viewpoint

Understanding the Dead Gancet from the Medical Viewpoint

Understanding the Dead Gancet from the Medical Viewpoint


Gancet is a condition where the penis is trapped in the vagina when sex penetration is ongoing. In the medical realm, gancet is better known as the penis captivus. Many who believe the gancet can cause death, to the point that a special term appears that is dead gancet.

However, most of the news that appeared in the media did not really cover the causes of death on the medical side. As a result, anyone can conclude that the gancet can cause death. To straighten out people's understanding about gancet death, consider the following scientific explanation.

How can a gancet happen?

In various parts of the world, this rare phenomenon is often associated with cases of dark sex. For example, for couples who have an affair or have not been married. In fact, a number of studies and case studies prove that the penis captivus or gancet can happen to anyone.

According to Dr. John Dean, a British sexual health expert, gancet can occur when a woman's lower pelvic muscles located in the vaginal area contract very strongly when the penis is in the vagina. Because of these contractions, the vagina becomes more tight and traps the penis inside. When trapped, blood will flow more heavily towards the penis shaft. As a result, the penis will grow bigger and have a great erection. This makes the male sex organs more difficult to get out of the vagina.

Death off in medical view

Until now the phenomenon of gancet death has not been widely discussed by health workers so that the information is still very limited. There are no medical reports that note that the gancet itself can cause death.

In reported cases of gancets, usually one partner dies of a heart attack or stroke. Death during sex makes the penis that is still in an erection difficult to pull out. This is because the penis is still stuck in the muscles of the lower pelvis on the contracting wall of the vagina. Though to pull the erect penis out of the vagina, you need awareness to control the limbs.

So, dead gancet is more appropriate if it is interpreted as death which leads to a gancet, not a gancet that causes death. Because the gancet itself is a condition that can be cured or overcome with minimal risk of complications.

What can be done if there is a gancet

Gancet usually only lasts for about 10 minutes. After that, the woman's lower pelvic muscles will relax themselves and release the penis. Erection of the penis will also gradually disappear because the blood that had gathered in the intimate area began to flow to other parts of the body.

To speed up the process of pelvic floor and penis muscles, don't panic and try to think about things that can extinguish your sex drive. If it doesn't work too, you need to seek emergency medical help. The doctor will inject a drug that is usually used for maternity. The drug will trigger openings in the uterus and vagina.

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