Too often eating meat can get diabetes, how come it can?

Too often eating meat can get diabetes, how come it can?

Too often eating meat can get diabetes, how come it can?


Right now, most people have tried to reduce meat intake. He said, anyway, meat consumption can cause various chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Especially if consumed too often. So, is it true that eating meat can cause diabetes?

Is it true that eating meat causes diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that cannot be cured, so if you have had this disease once, you must continue to live with this disease. Therefore, you should avoid things that can make you at high risk of developing diabetes.

Maybe many already know that diabetes is closely related to sweet foods high in sugar. However, sweet foods are not the only cause of diabetes. However, there are still many risk factors for this chronic disease, one of which is eating meat.

He said, eating meat too often makes you at high risk of developing diabetes. This is actually not a mere issue, but has been tested and proven in several studies. In a study reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology, experts revealed that eating red meat too often could increase 23 percent of the risk of diabetes.

Too often eating meat can get diabetes, how come it can?

Why can eating meat often be a risk factor for diabetes?

Most people prefer fatty meat or gajih. It tastes more delicious and tasty than with meat that has no fat at all. However, it is precisely this fat that will increase the risk of diabetes.

When you eat too much fatty meat, of course your body fat levels will increase. Your weight will increase and the fat deposits under the skin will get thicker. Well, too much fat in the body makes the work of the insulin hormone disturbed. Finally, the hormone insulin which should work regulates sugar in the blood, so it doesn't work optimally.

If this condition continues to occur, the insulin hormone will be permanently disrupted, until finally your blood sugar rises and eventually diabetes develops.

So can't you eat meat at all?

Actually, avoiding meat is not the right solution at all. Of course you can still eat meat. Meat is a good source of protein and minerals for the body, so you should not avoid and remove it from your diet. However, pay attention to the portion and how often you consume the meat.

In this study, meat can be one of the risk factors for diabetes because the meat consumed contains high fat. If you eat meat with a small portion of fat and don't consume it too often, then it shouldn't be a problem.

So, you should choose meat that is not fatty or has a little fat, avoid the meat that mixes. Diabetes will get farther away if you balance the consumption of vegetables and fruit that can bind the fats you get after eating meat.

Don't forget to vary your diet every day. For example, replacing side dishes that were more often red meat was replaced with fish, eggs, tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, and so on. So, you will get various types of nutrients that are balanced and varied from each of these foods.

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