Tips to Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habits in Children

Tips to Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habits in Children

Tips to Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habits in Children


The thumb-sucking habit that is often done by children is something that is annoying for parents, especially if the child has reached the age of entering the school stage. Parents will try to find various ways to eliminate thumb sucking habits on their children. Good, you first see an explanation of the thumb sucking habits in the following children.

Why do children like to suck on thumbs?

Basically, a thumb sucking is the natural instinct of each child. Since it's still in the womb, generally in ultrasound photos, many babies have sucked their thumbs in the womb. Thumb sucking also has the effect of calming gum pain during teething, and creating a calming effect on the child. During periods of thumb sucking, babies or children will activate their saliva flow.

Because the basic reason children suck thumbs is for pleasure, eventually they will continue the habit for a long time. Even children will become fussy if the habit is stopped suddenly. Some children will maintain thumb sucking as a normal method for using their body parts for pleasure or relaxation.

Bad effect of thumbs up

Unfortunately, the habit of sucking the thumb will have an adverse effect on the child, including:

  • Triggers dental and oral health problems
  • Children will have difficulty speaking, such as slurred or stuttering
  • A dirty thumb full of germs will be swallowed with a child's saliva
  • Sucking your thumb will inhibit your blood flow and cause infection
  • Gradually your child will become a mockery if you still suck your thumb at school age

Make sure your child has a routine dental check every year, which is twice a year. And don't forget to give the danger warning above so as not to disturb the psychological and physical health of the child in the future.

Then, what can parents do to get rid of the thumb sucking habit for children?

  1. Give the child a time limit for sucking on his thumb. Set the time when he can suck his thumb, and it's best if the child is not allowed to suck his thumb when he is in public. For example, give time when at home or at bedtime. Make this reduction gradually
  2. Avoid fights between your child and you about the habit of sucking your thumb. If your child is having a hard time removing this habit, praise them when they are not sucking their thumbs.
  3. Get used to communicating about this habit. Tell the child, you will help him get rid of the habit of thumbs up with the aim of his kindness in the future. Also talk to your family at home to be compact in supporting children in eliminating the habit of sucking their thumbs.
  4. Remind your child that the thumb sucking habit will make him look rude, and don't hesitate to remind him when he unconsciously picks his thumb. Of course, do this in a subtle language that your child can understand.
  5. Try to do it in a unique way. Give an example that his idol superhero, or even your parents, does not have a thumb sucking habit. Give understanding and explanation which explains that thumbs up is not necessary.
  6. Change to a game that ends with a prize. Create a calendar and mark the days when your child doesn't suck his thumb. Offer your child, if you don't suck your thumb for the specified number of days, he will get a prize at the end of the week or the end of the month.

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