Tips for Instilling the Soul of Leadership in Children

Tips for Instilling the Soul of Leadership in Children

Tips for Instilling the Soul of Leadership in Children


Try to look at famous figures who are successful in their respective fields. All successful figures have one common trait, namely a great leadership spirit. Unlike a lot of people's guesses, the leadership spirit was built from zero, not just taken from birth. So, as a parent, you are responsible for instilling leadership in your sons and daughters early on. Therefore, here are some tips to build an ideal leader.

What are the qualities of a leader?

To instill leadership in children, you must first understand what qualities a leader must have. After that, you can develop and familiarize children to achieve these qualities. More clearly, consider the four main qualities below.

1. Confidence

Build children's confidence by leading children to find their interests and talents. If children can develop themselves in areas they like, children will be more motivated and confident in struggling. To train a child's confidence, avoid words that make the child feel inferior like, "Where can you finish the novel within a week."

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When children do something, don't give excessive praise or gifts. This is so that the child knows that he is indeed capable of completing a task and it is his responsibility to try his best. For example, a child can get the highest test score in the class, praise enough with a sentence like, "Well, Daddy /Mother knows that if you are serious about learning you can definitely get good grades like this. Continue your efforts, son. "

2. Organizational ability

Instilling leadership means your child must be accustomed to managing time, measuring his abilities, and being disciplined. Teach children to make a daily schedule and fulfill it, for example at what time the child must wake up, get ready to go to school, play, do homework, and sleep. You also have to be an example in this case, for example by always getting up on time and taking the child to school at the same hour.

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3. Problem solving ability

A leader must be able to find solutions and solve problems, even in difficult conditions. To teach this ability, make it a habit to let children take their own choices. Don't get used to determining everything for him. Listen to children and always ask their opinions. That way, you can help your child when he has to solve a problem.

If the child takes the wrong choice or the decision is not good for him or her, do not immediately scold or blame the child. This experience is actually a good opportunity to show that every action has consequences. It is better to invite the child to reflect on what should be done at that time. On the next occasion the child will consider each choice more carefully.

4. Emotional intelligence

A good leader must also work and interact with others. So, children need to hone their emotional intelligence. Help children to be more sensitive to the emotions and circumstances of others. For example by telling children about your day. From there, ask the child to guess your feelings. After that, ask the child to tell about the day and pour out all his feelings. Listen carefully without cutting the conversation. From there the child will learn to respect and understand others and themselves.

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