Tips for Improving 3 Types of Non-Ideal Body Posture

Tips for Improving 3 Types of Non-Ideal Body Posture

Tips for Improving 3 Types of Non-Ideal Body Posture


Do you often experience various problems such as aches, back pain, and the body feels stiff? In fact, you do not run out of physical activity that is too heavy. If you have been wondering what caused it, the answer could be your posture. Yes, body posture plays an important role in your health, not only limited to physical appearance problems. So, from now on you need to improve your posture that isn't ideal. These are common mistakes about body posture and how to form so that the posture can return to normal.

Why should you improve your ideal posture?

The impact of a posture that is not ideal is not felt at that moment, but gradually. Complaints often reported by people with un ideal postures include neck pain, back pain, sore shoulders, poor blood circulation, cellulite, and respiratory problems.

This is because various organs in your body are affected by the way you sit, stand, walk, and move. So, do not underestimate the ideal posture. Because the body has been designed in such a way that it can support the functions of each other.

Body posture that is not ideal and how to fix it

Try to look at your posture in front of a large enough mirror. If you can, ask for family help to take pictures of your body's reflection from the front and from the side. The ideal posture should look like the illustration below.

Tips for Improving 3 Types of Non-Ideal Body Posture

If it turns out your posture isn't the same as the illustration above, then you need to reshape the ideal posture. Check out the simple guide to improving the ideal posture.

1. Hunchback

A hunched body posture is marked by both shoulders rising close to the ears. This position usually occurs in people who all day sitting facing a computer screen or looking down at the cellphone screen.

How to fix: Sit upright in a chair that has a flat surface and is quite sturdy. Position your hands straight on the right and left sides of your hips, with your palms pressed against the surface of the chair. Then, put pressure on both shoulders and palms until your buttocks and hips are lifted from the chair. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 12 times.

2. Shoulders bend forward

The shoulders bend and the head is too advanced much experienced by office workers who sit too high so they have to bend so that both hands can type. Relax your hands on the right and left sides of the body. If the two ends of your thumb tap into the thighs, not forward, it means that your shoulders bend too deeply.

How to improve: Doing inverted row exercises is the best way to improve your shoulder bending. Look at the picture below. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Tips for Improving 3 Types of Non-Ideal Body Posture

If you don't have time to go to the gym, please try a simple exercise at home. Stand with your back to the wall. Then, attach the back and the back of the head to the wall. Lift your arms with your elbows to a 90 degree angle (like a surrender to the enemy or police). Stick both arms to the wall. Slowly, lift your elbows until your palms are over your head or as far as you can. Lower back and repeat 12 times.

3. Butt lifts too much (menungging)

This posture error is widely known as the term menungging. Pregnant women, women who often use high heels, and men with distended bellies experience many of these disorders.

How to improve : Plank training is the answer to the problem of the buttocks. Look at the picture below as a guide. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, lower your knees and repeat plank 8 to 10 times.

Tips for Improving 3 Types of Non-Ideal Body Posture

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