Tips for Educating Children with Hypnoparenting Techniques

Tips for Educating Children with Hypnoparenting Techniques

Tips for Educating Children with Hypnoparenting Techniques


Tips for Educating Children with Hypnoparenting Techniques

Parents, especially new parents may find it difficult to educate and care for children. Yes, educating and nurturing children is not an easy thing to do. This is no formal school. You have to learn it yourself. You might model how your parents care for you to apply to your child. Or, you can also learn new parenting techniques. One of the things you can try is hypnoparenting. What is hypnoparenting?

What is hypnoparenting?

Hypnoparenting is one of the techniques of parenting by utilizing hypnosis techniques. Yes, hypnoparenting is a combination of two words, namely "hypnosis" and "parenting". By using hypnosis techniques in parenting, you can suggest the child to do positive things that you want. Children can also receive lessons from parents more easily.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a technique that can improve focus and concentration. This technique is done using verbal repetition and mental images. You can give suggestions to your child through hypnosis so that your child can follow the suggestions that you give. When a child is hypnotized by repeating the words many times from his parents, the child will usually feel calm, relaxed, and not stressed, so it is easier to accept advice from parents.

This hypnosis can help you as a parent to control unwanted children's behavior. Make it easier for children to accept suggestions and input from parents to do positive things. In addition, it can also make children more confident to be able to overcome the problem, such as being unable to get up in the morning, wet the bed, lazy, and others.

How can hypnosis be used to care for children?

Parents are child role models. All things parents do and say can be copied by children easily. Yes, children are very easy to imitate the behavior and words that they often see and hear from their surroundings. So, you as a parent must be careful in behaving and saying in front of children.

And, did you know that indirectly is hypnosis? Behavior and words that are repeated in front of your child may be hypnotizing your child. Unconsciously, you have done this in everyday life. So, as a parent, you should behave and say well in front of your child, so that you indirectly instill positive things to your child, that's more or less what Ariesandi Setyono, an Indonesian hypnoparenting expert, says in his book "Hypnoparenting: Becoming Effective Parents with Hypnosis .

How do you implement hypnoparenting in parenting?

Hypnoparenting can be done in an easy way, through your words to children and through your actions that children see everyday. Some examples are:

  • Always use positive words every time you talk to your child. As much as possible avoid the use of negative words, such as the words "no", "without", and "no". Example: you should use the phrase "Now it's time to clean your room so it's neat" rather than "Try to fix the room so that doesn't fall apart". Say it softly while looking at your child's eyes and embracing them.
  • Always say that he is a great child, praise and appreciate every effort of your child. Example: Tell the child "Mama's child can certainly do the test questions and get good grades" instead of "Do the problem right, yes, don't to get a bad score"
  • whisper positive sentences or positive stories to children before bedtime. When a child is sleepy where the child's brain is relaxed, this is the right time to suggest a child with a positive sentence or story. This positive sentence or story will be accepted by the child's subconscious, so that the child is easier to follow what you want. Positive stories about never giving up, loving others, diligently studying, etc. can be a positive picture for children in facing problems in their lives.

One more important thing is to do good in front of your child in line with what you want to instill in your child. Remember, children will imitate each of their parents' actions.

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