Tips for Buying Pregnant Clothes for Special Events

Tips for Buying Pregnant Clothes for Special Events

Tips for Buying Pregnant Clothes for Special Events


Buying the right clothes to attend a wedding or other special event is indeed a challenge when you are pregnant. Especially if your stomach is large enough, it feels increasingly difficult to find the right clothes for you. We have some tips that are right for you:

The key is to buy clothes that fit your current body shape. Don't buy clothes with sizes when you aren't pregnant.

Buy your clothes near the date of the event you are going to attend. If you buy your clothes a month before the event, your body may increase in size and maybe the clothes you have bought will not fit.

Here are the choices that you can make references:

Dress /dress

If you are looking for clothes for special events that fit to wear no matter how old your pregnancy is, then a dress type wrap dress is the best choice.

Waist straps that can be adjusted according to your wishes will ensure your dress will continue to fit you wear no matter if your stomach gets bigger. A V-shaped neckline will clarify your breasts, neck and shoulders. And asymmetrical lines will attract the eyes throughout your body.

The empire line dress and long dress (maxi dress) is a good choice if you like dresses that fall to the ground. Dress empire line models will clarify the shape of your breasts. The type of dress with a long skirt that reaches the ankles will cover your belly and hips that are enlarged.


Short skirts with beautiful tops can clarify the shape of your stomach. Skirts are also more flexible and can be combined with anything. You can combine a dress with a casual skirt and flat shoes to go to the office. Or a top suit that is combined with a good skirt and accessories.

Because there are various colors and patterns of tight pants, you don't need to worry about varicose veins and swollen ankles that prevent you from appearing attractive.

Long pants

If you choose not to show off your feet, there are many special pants for pregnant women that you can have. For parties, combine material pants or jeans with the right boss.


A good boss can be paired with jeans and you wear to a casual party, or you pair it with trousers and skirts if you want to attend a more formal event. A tight shirt on the chest and loose at the bottom will suit you.

If you like the shape of your stomach to look, wear a boss who has a body but not too tight. Also combine with the right accessories.

The right accessories can make your appearance even more special. For weddings you can wear sweet hair ornaments or beautiful brooches if you are wearing hijab.

For bags or earrings, you certainly don't need to worry and can choose whatever you like.

For shoes you have to be more careful. Your feet tend to get wider during pregnancy. The shoes that fit you are wearing right now won't necessarily fit in a few months.

What kind of underwear should be worn?

After all your party clothes are ready, also pay attention to your underwear. Underwear that doesn't fit can mess up the clothes you use.

Try wearing a special bra for pregnant women before you wear your party clothes. Try to consult a salesperson at a bra shop and find the size that is right for you. If you have trouble finding the right bra or you get what you want, but the price is too expensive, you can borrow from a friend who has been pregnant or is pregnant. Who knows they can lend you a pregnant mother's bra that is right for you.


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