This results in the body when exercising excessively

This results in the body when exercising excessively

This results in the body when exercising excessively


This results in the body when exercising excessively

Exercise is one of the most common ways you hear about living a healthy lifestyle. Want to lose weight and avoid disease? His advice is definitely not far from sports. But behind the benefits, exercise can reverse the health of the body if done carelessly or excessively. What are the dangers of excessive exercise, and what are the signs if you are overdone?

Not everyone is suitable for exercise

Some people are not allowed to exercise at all because this can lead to the risk of FST injury and death. The prohibition on this exercise is primarily intended for people who have aortic stenosis, symptomatic heart failure, aneurysm, and dyspnea.

Meanwhile, some other people with certain conditions are still allowed to exercise, even though they must be under the supervision of a doctor, such as the elderly, cancer patients, and people with certain chronic diseases. But for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy in less than 24 hours or experience pain in the place of origin of cancer is not recommended for exercise.

Excessive exercise may be a sign of OCD symptoms

Everything that is excessive is certainly not good for the body. Likewise with sports. Excessive exercise can be unconscious and can start from dissatisfaction with the process and the end result. This dissatisfaction then makes you increase the duration, frequency, and intensity of exercise which is slowly becoming difficult to control. This sports addiction may appear as a symptom of certain mental disorders, such as OCD.

The danger of excessive exercise for body health

Excessive exercise with high intensity on a regular basis runs the risk of causing you to experience cardiotoxicity. Cardiotoxicity is damage to the heart muscle due to the release of chemical compounds, which causes the heart to no longer pump blood throughout your body.

The danger of excessive exercise can also cause kidney disease. When exercising, all blood flow will be flowed maximally to the parts of the body that need it, such as the muscles of the body. Therefore, blood flow to the kidneys will decrease by almost 25%, depending on the intensity and frequency of the exercise performed. The more weight you exercise, the less blood flows to the kidneys. This condition is one of the causes of kidney disease after exercising.

In addition, arrhythmias or heart rhythm disorders are also at risk. The European Heart Journal in 2013 suggested that those who have a family history of heart rhythm disorders not to do physical activity that burns excess fat because it can adversely affect heart health. Excessive exercise can also affect the health of the digestive system and immune system.

What are the signs if you have overworked?

Pay attention to signs that you have been exercising excessively, such as: extreme fatigue, decreased appetite, muscle cramps, dazed, unfocused, impaired movement coordination, and worsening exercise performance. If you experience this, stop immediately and rest.

If you feel your body's condition has improved, you can start exercising again with a lighter intensity. However, if your condition worsens, go to the nearest health professional immediately.

Sports cannot be done carelessly

But don't let the risk of the danger of the sport above prevent you from exercising. It's a good idea to consult with medical personnel and your personal trainer about the type of exercise that will be carried out. Finally, do sports with enthusiasm and fun so they don't feel burdened.

In addition, of course you cannot live a healthy life if you only rely on exercise. You still have to pay attention and consume healthy and nutritious foods. Dr. Steven Blair, a sports researcher at the University of South Carolina, says it's not easy to burn the calories you get from what you consume. In addition to noticing what you eat and drink, stay away from less good lifestyles like smoking.

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