This is the reason why the Health Towards Card (KMS) is very important for toddler growth

This is the reason why the Health Towards Card (KMS) is very important for toddler growth

This is the reason why the Health Towards Card (KMS) is very important for toddler growth


Parents in Indonesia may be familiar with the Health Towards Card, or often referred to as KMS. KMS is usually brought by parents when there are routine child weight weighing programs held at Posyandu, Puskesmas, pediatricians, or in children's health clinics. With this card, disruption of growth or health risks to children can be identified and dealt with early.

What is the Towards Healthy Card (KMS)?

In Indonesia, the Towards Healthy Card has been used since the 1970s. KMS itself is a card to monitor the growth and development status of children from birth to age 5 years. This monitoring is done by weighing the body weight every month at the Posyandu or other health care providers.

After weighing, the health workers will record the results on the KMS and determine the child's growth status based on their weight gain each month.

If the child weight chart follows the growth chart in KMS, it means that the child grows well so that the risk is small so that the child experiences growth disorders. Conversely, if the weight chart is not in accordance with the growth chart, the child may be at risk of experiencing growth disorders. If the child experiences a growth disorder, later the health professional in charge will provide tips and counseling related to additional food that can be consumed by the child and referral to certain treatments to the mothers.

The KMS also provides information about toddler identity, immunization schedules, and vitamin A capsules. In addition, the KMS also contains messages on counseling on children's health and nutrition. For example prevention and prevention of diarrhea, exclusive breastfeeding and complementary food for breast milk.

This is the reason why the Health Towards Card (KMS) is very important for toddler growth

How important is the Card Towards Health for toddler growth?

Reporting from IDAI's official website or the Indonesian Pediatrician Association, growth disorders are still a major health problem. Therefore, growth detection activities in Indonesia still need to be improved.

Detection of growth is a routine activity provided by health care providers both at the level of basic health services such as health centers and at referral places such as hospitals. This activity is carried out to determine whether a child's growth is normal or not. Both seen in terms of medical and statistical by using KMS.

As explained above, KMS functions to monitor the development of children every month. This monitoring can be done by parents by routinely bringing their little ones to the Posyandu to do body weighing or measurement.

Measurements made one time basically only indicate the size at that time and do not provide information on changes that occur, such as whether there is an increase or decrease. Therefore, careful and regular measurements are needed to compare with previous measurements.

Well, if after weighing it is known that there are indications of growth disturbances, such as weight loss, weight loss, or excess nutrition, you can immediately take corrective action more quickly and right before the problem is more severe. Either by paying attention to more nutritious food intake for your little one or taking it to health facilities for treatment.

Without KMS, parents will have difficulty monitoring their child's changes during growth and development. In fact, there may be slight changes but continue to occur for a long time so that the nature is quite serious. For example, the child's weight does not go up even though his appetite is good.

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