This is the reason why Flu in men is more severe than women

This is the reason why Flu in men is more severe than women

This is the reason why Flu in men is more severe than women



How often do you get flu? If you feel a cold, you will feel that all of your body is not feeling good or there are symptoms of dizziness. You might consider all of these symptoms to be experienced by almost everyone who has the flu. but it turns out that some studies suggest that men experience more severe symptoms when exposed to flu than women. Then why did this happen? What is the reason for men experiencing worse symptoms?

Symptoms of flu that are experienced by men are worse than women

When a woman is attacked by colds, most of them continue to carry out their daily activities. Unlike men who if they have flu symptoms, most will decide to rest at home and do nothing.

Actually, the symptoms that appear are no different between women and men. Symptom severity depends on the body's function of each individual, because the immune levels vary. It has nothing to do with gender.

Until now researchers have not fully understood why men feel more suffering if they have flu than women. But this difference is caused by different body functions and the characteristics of the two groups.

The hormone testosterone makes men vulnerable and often experiences flu sickness

One of the biggest biological differences seen between the two is that each of them has the dominant hormone. Women have the hormone estrogen, while men survive with the hormone testosterone.

The hormone estrogen responds to the immune system better than the hormone testosterone. Because, the presence of the hormone estrogen will actually increase a woman's immunity. Whereas the reverse testosterone hormone actually decreases the immune system.

Even a study from McGill University Health Center states that women have a stronger immune system than men. In this study, the researchers concluded that women benefit from the estrogen hormone they have. Because the hormone estrogen can increase the response of the immune system so that the body is able to ward off and respond better if there are germs entering the body.

What can you do to prevent the flu from getting worse?

Even though the research says that there is a difference between a woman's immune system and a man's, but the body's resistance depends on the condition of each individual. Here are things you can do to make flu disappear from you:

  • Drink lots of water. The better the body is hydrated, the faster the flu will leave your body.
  • Eat foods that are rich and warm, like chicken soup. In a study published in the journal Chest, it was shown that eating chicken soup can overcome symptoms of respiratory infections.
  • Exercise regularly. Don't make your flu a reason to avoid exercise. Doing regular exercise can improve your immune system.
  • Eat foods that contain high vitamin C. Vitamin C can make your body more immune to bacterial diseases, including flu.

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