This is a Psychological Reason Why Some People Have a Bad Brain

This is a Psychological Reason Why Some People Have a Bad Brain

This is a Psychological Reason Why Some People Have a Bad Brain


In your life, you must know at least one person whose mind seems to be filled with sex. Whatever the topic of the conversation, in the end the person will discuss nasty things. The person may also be easily aroused when he sees people dress sexy or in contact with the opposite sex.

You might be wondering, why does anyone seem to have difficulty controlling their sexual appetite? Instead of being curious, see the following explanation, yes.

Everyone's reaction to sex is different

A study conducted by a team of experts at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) proved that everyone does have different biological reactions to sex. This was revealed by the results of scanning with the EEG brain record tool.

In this study published in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, experts looked at the brain activity of the participants. It turns out that the brains of some participants are indeed more sensitive to sexual cues such as photos of people kissing to photos containing pornographic elements.

This brain activity will be read by your entire body, from the heart to the arteries. The blood will flow profusely to your sex organs, the penis or vagina. This certainly results in penile erection in men and wet vagina in women.

Why are there people who are more easily aroused?

Some say someone will be more easily aroused during puberty or if you are thirsty for sex. However, a study in Canada in the Journal of Sex Research said another. The tendency of someone to be easily aroused turns out to be not influenced by age or sexual experience. That is, you could have been middle-aged and had frequent sex but still had difficulty controlling sexual desire.

The perverted brain is more closely related to one's emotional control. Research led by Dr. Jason Winters from the University of British Columbia managed to show that research participants who were able to control their sexual desires were also good at controlling various types of emotional triggers. So, the more easily triggered emotions, you will also be more easily aroused.

Besides that, Dr. Jason Winters also explained that people with high anxiety levels tend to have more difficulty controlling themselves when aroused. This is because the part of the brain that regulates emotional turmoil is the same as the part of the brain that processes sexual stimulation, the amygdala.

Tips for controlling yourself so you don't get aroused easily

If you are one of those people with a perverted brain, don't be discouraged first. Just like controlling emotions, your brain can also be trained so that it is not easily aroused at the wrong time, for example in the office or in a public place. The following are reliable tips.

  • When penis erections in public places, think about things that make you lose your lust, such as work deadlines.
  • Reduce masturbation.
  • Reduce consumption of viewing or pornographic reading.
  • Reduce consumption of alcoholic drinks that can make you more impulsive, difficult to control yourself, or talk carelessly.
  • If your sexual appetite has interfered with daily activities, consult a doctor or therapist.

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