The Older the Age, It turns out the higher the quality of your sex

The Older the Age, It turns out the higher the quality of your sex

The Older the Age, It turns out the higher the quality of your sex


You must have wondered if those who are elderly are still sexually active? Given the age of those who are no longer young, many health problems are related to sexual disorders such as vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and not to mention other health problems such as arthritis, making elderly couple sex no longer possible. However, is that really the case?

What makes the elderly couple's sex more qualified?

Age may be getting late, but that doesn't mean your sex life will fade away, even though it's not the same as when you were young, it doesn't mean sex is something foreign to elderly couples. On the contrary, your sexual life and partner even more quality as you get older.

At least this was the result of a recent study by University of Minnesota researchers. In the research, the researchers reviewed research conducted in 1995, 2003, and 2013, on 6,000 respondents, ranging in age from 20 to 93 years.

Respondents must answer various questions about their sexual lives. Respondents were also asked to measure sexual satisfaction levels in the last few days.

From the research it was revealed that the frequency of sex is not important anymore with the growing age. Meanwhile, the effort that was mobilized and the totality in having sex became an important measure for the elderly group.

The study compared the key characteristics of sex life for young people with advanced age, along with sociodemographic characters, as well as their mental and physical health, as evidenced by older people having more quality sexual lives.

According to Mini Forbes, the research leader, life experiences that make a person wiser in making decisions include sexual satisfaction. This research proves that life experiences contribute to your wisdom in sexual life. This reason causes the elderly couple's sex to become more qualified.

Mini Forbes also added that the problem of sexual dysfunction experienced by two-thirds of men 65 years and above is not a significant barrier. Apart from that problem, they still feel quality sex.

Of course this is a happy news for those who are in the elderly group. When household harmony is maintained, sex is also proven to have a positive impact on health, especially for the heart and mentally.

What is your sexual life in old age?

Don't think sex in old age isn't important. Sex does not only belong to those who are young. Elderly age starts from someone in their 50s and above. When he was in his 50s, both men and women who planned their lives carefully, must be at the peak of success.

The intended success is financial independence, and also success in achieving a certain position in a career. The second thing is achieved optimally when someone turns 50.

Therefore, it is logical to think that better quality sex should be felt by elderly couples. In addition to these factors, elderly couples are also more susceptible to disease. By making love, antibodies can be produced more by the body, which means your immune system increases with lovemaking. Secretion of endorphins, and also oxytocin can also reduce pain in the joints. Joint problems are the most common health problem suffered by the elderly.

The third reason why the husband and wife relationship when the elderly are more qualified is the durability of the household until the elderly lovers are accompanied by good communication. Good communication is the key to husband and wife relationships.

So, you and your husband should have the quality of love that continues to increase with age. Not the opposite. Now you know, why elderly couples have more quality sex.

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