Studying the Myth Behind the Benefits of Bulus Oil

Studying the Myth Behind the Benefits of Bulus Oil

Studying the Myth Behind the Benefits of Bulus Oil


Although sagging breasts are an inevitable part of aging, many supplement products on the market are marketed as panacea for breast enhancement. One of them is turtle oil. Before reaching out, see first the explanation from the medical world about the truth of the benefits of turtle oil.

What is flea oil?

Flea oil is an oil concentrate that comes from a turtle or a freshwater turtle. In Indonesia, turtle oil is obtained through traditional processing, namely by heating turtle fat and other body parts under the hot sun to produce oil. Bulus oil is generally sold in the form of small bottles, although there are also some manufacturers who offer bullfruit oil in the form of capsule supplements.

What are the benefits of machining oil?

Flea oil has various health benefit claims, mostly related to skin conditions. One of the best known benefits of bullock oil is to tighten the breast and anti-impotence supplements. However, turtle oil is also claimed to be able to treat various skin diseases, heal burns, remove black spots and wrinkles on the face, and smooth the heels of cracked feet.

Quoted from Live Strong, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, the Hainan Life Nourishing Pharmacy Company, reported that turtle oil is beneficial for heart and lung health. However, this cardiovascular benefit has only been tested in lab mice, not humans.

In addition, the benefits of bullock oil are also associated with treatment therapy for aplastic anemia and Parkinson's disease, according to a study from the Institute for Traditional Medicine.

What does the medical world say about the truth of the benefits of turtle oil?

The idea behind the use of bullfruit oil as a healing medicine might depart from the idea that turtles and turtles are animals that are long-lived - up to hundreds of years old. Turtles are also considered to have extraordinary skin healing powers. This is caused by the oil content in his body.

It is also possible that the shell and body of the tortoise provide a number of important nutritional components, such as protein, magnesium, and vitamins. So the theory is, if turtle extract oil is directly applied to the skin, the same miracle of skin rejuvenation will also occur in humans.

However, a number of studies on the benefits of turtle oil carried out in the United States report that turtle oil does not contain any ageless hormones. Some chemical components are obtained from various turtle glands, but a number of active ingredients may have been turned off by heating and the chemical processes involved in making oil. For example, turtle oil contains vitamin A, but often this vitamin will evaporate and disappear when the oil is filtered with charcoal or kaolin to clear the color.

Until recently most chemists and cosmetics agreed that there was not enough scientific evidence to support the furore claims of turtle oil benefits.

What's more, someone might have an allergic reaction to bullock oil. The effectiveness of turtle oil has not been clinically tested in humans, so little is known about the possible allergic reactions. Signs of serious allergic reactions include difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and throat, itching and skin rashes. If you suspect an allergic reaction after using turtle oil, seek immediate medical help.

Turtles and freshwater turtles are classified as endangered species in various parts of the world. The buying and selling of bullfruit oil encourages hunting of turtles and can accelerate the extinction of this species.

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