Steps to Changing the Right Baby Diaper

Steps to Changing the Right Baby Diaper

Steps to Changing the Right Baby Diaper


Changing a baby's diaper may look easy. Simply prepare cotton or cloth, diapers, and change clothes for your little one. But be careful, changing baby diapers is actually not as easy as a baby boy, you know. So, is it really your way to change a baby girl's diaper?

What you have to prepare before changing a baby's diaper

Steps to Changing the Right Baby Diaper

Changing diapers for a baby girl should be done more carefully, than when you do it for a baby boy. Because the baby girl is more at risk of urinary tract infections if the genital area is not properly cleaned.

Before you start changing baby girl diapers, the tools that must be prepared first are:

  • Clean diapers
  • Wipes or wet washcloths
  • Washcloth or dry towel
  • Needless or soft bottom
  • Baby powder and diaper rash ointment (if necessary)

How to change the right baby diaper

Steps to Changing the Right Baby Diaper

This is the step in changing the right baby diaper:

1. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and dry them completely dry.

2. Lay the baby on a bed or soft pad. Remove the little girl's clothes.

3. Hold both of your baby's ankles and slowly lift his buttocks so that you can easily remove the diaper he uses.

4. Clean the baby's genitals and buttocks carefully using a tissue or wet washcloth.

5. Gently separate the baby labia, then wipe from top to bottom or front to back and along the folds in the baby's vital organs.

6. Clean each side of the labia and make sure the baby's sex organs are completely clean of dirt.

7. Wait for a while until your baby's skin dries. Or you can also wipe the baby's skin with a dry cloth or clean towel.

8. Apply a special ointment or cream as instructed by your doctor if your baby has a diaper rash.

9. Open a clean baby diaper, then lift the baby's buttocks by holding both of his ankles.

10. Slip the diaper under the baby's bottom and slide it towards the waist. Make sure the adhesive position is around the waist.

11. Pull the front diaper towards the baby's stomach. Make sure the diaper is properly placed between the baby's feet.

12. Open the adhesive on the diaper on the back, then pull it towards the baby's stomach to stick it together. Do not tighten so that the baby's stomach is not depressed.

So, don't misunderstand when changing baby girl diapers!

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