Sports Are Too Long That Don't Need. This is the reason

Sports Are Too Long That Don't Need. This is the reason

Sports Are Too Long That Don't Need. This is the reason


Sports Are Too Long That Don't Need. This is the reason

Not having time to exercise is one of the many reasons a person is not active in physical activity. In fact, any activity can be carried out and provide benefits to health. The most important thing is to actively move.

Enough exercise doesn't really take too long. Recommendations for global physical activity are active moves or doing physical work such as walking, gardening, or cleaning the house for 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes for five days a week. The longer and often, the better for health. If you want to burn calories while trying to lose weight, then you have to increase the intensity of physical activity that increases the performance of the heart such as cardio or active moves longer.

Every minute your body moves actively, it has been calculated "sports"

For many people, spending 30 minutes a day on physical activity may be difficult due to busy life. Active moves such as walking, climbing stairs, or jumping rope less than 10 minutes also have a positive effect on health and if done with an accumulation of 30 minutes per day, that means you have fulfilled sufficient physical activity per day.

Research by Jessie Fan shows that physical activity of less than 10 minutes also has an impact on weight loss so that it can prevent obesity. For example, when you walk from the parking lot to your working room or walk out of the room every 30 minutes, you already tend to be more active in the workplace and this is better than no physical activity at all.

Increase the intensity, not the time

The intensity of exercise is one of the determinants of the adequacy of physical activity. This is measured by the increase in the volume of oxygen inhaled and metabolized to a maximum, otherwise known as VO2 max. If when you exercise you need more air, which means there is an increase in the intensity of physical activity, usually this can be observed when you are exercising cardio.

Exercising with a high intensity in a shorter period of time will be the same effect as a moderate intensity exercise for a long time. For example, you spend time running for 30 minutes, so running about 15 minutes will have the same effect on health, even better. Even better, by increasing the intensity, you can save time spent exercising.

Why can physical activity in a short time actually be healthier

Increased VO2 max capacity is the main goal of physical activity, and this effect can also be obtained by physical activity in a short time. One method of exercise in a short time is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Not only does it increase oxygen metabolic capacity, HIIT can also improve insulin sensitivity and healthy bones and muscles.

The results of the study by Foster and colleagues show that HIIT significantly increases the maximum volume of oxygen inhaled and metabolized, compared to the duration of moderate intensity exercise. HIIT can improve the function and cardiovascular health of healthy people who are active and less active in exercise, even in HIIT heart disease patients is one of the rehabilitation efforts to improve the capacity of the heart to channel oxygen throughout the body.

How to do high intensity physical activity in a short time

To have a positive effect on health, high intensity physical activity can be carried out in about 10 minutes. In the HIIT method, what needs to be considered is increasing the intensity to the maximum, followed by resting and starting with the next interval of up to 10 minutes. This can be done in various physical activities such as walking, jogging, and cycling. Do activities with maximum movement cycle and rest for 60 minutes per cycle.

Another method is to do a number of movements that require muscle strength and hold weight for 10 minutes. Not all movements have high intensity so that it is not necessarily effective if done in a short time. Here are some types of movements that can be done for 10 minutes and are recommended by fitness experts, Greenfield and Dodwell:

  • Jumping jacks 50 times
  • Do as many push-ups as possible or at least 15 times
  • Squat movements, reverse lunges, and dips 15 times
  • Lifting movements such as deadlifts and /or push press 10 to 12 times
  • Planking for 30 seconds per session

Choose five to six movements and do up to 30 sessions in 10 minutes. By actively carrying out these movements, the level of oxygen metabolism can increase, and this has a better effect than long-term low-intensity exercise.


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