Some of the Main Causes Someone Wants to Kill

Some of the Main Causes Someone Wants to Kill

Some of the Main Causes Someone Wants to Kill


Some of the Main Causes Someone Wants to Kill

Severe life problems sometimes make us want to give up living this life. The level of complexity of the problem and mental endurance of each person is different. Many people think that the problem they face is heavier than others, even though when we look at it from a broad perspective, there are many who face similar problems and are even heavier than themselves.

One's response varies. There are those who remain optimistic when he is overwritten by many problems. Some are pessimistic, feel incapable and feel their lives are meaningless. This person's response is influenced by his mental endurance. Mental resilience comes from the formation of one's character. Just as when someone is raised in a family that is warm, open and full of love, he will tend, not always - strong to face various problems, because he has the closest people who believe in him. However, that does not mean people who are raised in families that have 'distance', are cold and stiff, will be weak in dealing with problems. Basically everyone has an instinct to survive in this world. It just depends on what someone believes, if he believes that he will not be able to, then his body will also respond with apathy.

Your response to a problem greatly affects the formation of your character in the future. A person's character is formed from the failures and successes he has experienced. Sometimes continuous failure and the amount of rejection can make someone feel isolated. When feeling isolated, negative thoughts come over. Feeling worthless, comparing life with others, not to mention social pressures such as bullying, will make us experience stress. Stress that is not managed properly will cause a person to become depressed.

Depression leads to suicide. Suicide is no longer a taboo thing. In 2005, there were 30 thousand suicides in Indonesia.

The reason someone wants to commit suicide

The desire to commit suicide is based on several factors, as follows:

1. Depression

Depression is a mental illness, but the symptoms are rather difficult to recognize or realize. Often someone realizes something is wrong with him, but he does not know how to get out of the problem. Likewise, when someone is moody and always closes, sometimes people think it is his personality, "maybe he is lazy", for example, or the assumption that he might be sad. Depression makes a person think irrationally, such as 'no one loves him anymore', 'life is always like this', or even 'this life will not be affected if there is no me'. Such erroneous thoughts that make depressed people reluctant to do something, don't even want to live anymore.

People who are depressed will be closed, so if someone has symptoms of wanting to commit suicide, people around him will find it difficult to realize. We do not know how heavy the problem he is facing, what is on his mind.

2. Impulsive

This means doing something based on impulse. Impulsivity is indeed not as bad as it is, there is always a good side. Impulsive people can progress quickly, and spontaneity is good. But impulsive people usually become careless and tend to be reckless. The worst thing is that when negative thoughts come, he can spontaneously do something that is not supposed to be done, such as drinking irresponsibly, or suddenly slashing his hand. Likewise with suicidal thoughts that suddenly appear due to impulse.

3. Social problems

There are some people who intend not to commit suicide, but eventually he accidentally dies because of his own actions. For example, when a teenager has a problem with his family or friendship and even becomes a victim of bullying, then to get attention or strike back at the person who made him sad, he finally drinks alcohol mixed with Valium sleeping pills in large doses causing death.

People who don't have the urge to commit suicide, actually only need help, but they can't hold it back. He thinks that doing something reckless can make people who hurt him.

In addition, not getting a job is also a factor for people committing suicide. Getting a job is indeed a social burden nowadays, where everyone lives in the world of competition, relaxing at home can actually trigger stress. This is because we will compare our lives with others, plus buy life necessities that are not easy.

People who are just out of prison are also at risk, because of their inability to return to social life. Adaptation that is not easy makes a person have low mental resistance.

4. Philosophy of death

Some people have different philosophies about death. Even the term "people who commit suicide" does not want to end their lives, but wants to end the pain that is felt. "The pain here can refer to pain caused by an incurable disease. People like this are not depressed. They see no opportunity to live, so choose their own destiny by speeding up the pain.

5. Other mental illnesses

The Psychological Autopsy Study found that in suicides one or more diagnoses of mental illness were found in 90% of people who committed suicide. Also found one in twenty people who suffer from schizophrenia end their lives. Suicide cases are also found in personality disorders such as antisocial, borderline, and narcissistic personality disorder.

Other factors to look out for, such as:

  • Bad experience . Trauma that occurs in childhood can be conceptualized in our subconscious, so there are difficulties to get out of this fear. Trauma will hinder someone, even if someone is unable to forgive themselves for the bad things that happened to him. The fatal impact is that he is at risk of suicide.
  • Heredity factors can also cause someone to commit suicide. If there is a family that has a history of suicide, you need to practice positive affirmations when having severe problems or under any circumstances, keep thinking positively.

Sign of someone who wants to commit suicide

You can observe if there are changes in behavior that occur in your family or relatives, it could be that he is unable to deal with the problem and is in need of help. There are several signs that someone wants to commit suicide, such as:

  • Always talking and thinking about death.
  • Take actions that lead to death, such as reckless driving, extreme exercise without being careful, or consuming excessive drug doses.
  • Lost interest in what he likes.
  • Speak or post something with dark words, like no hope and feel worthless.
  • Saying something that blames him like 'this won't happen if I'm not here' or 'they will be better without me'.
  • Drastic mood swings, from being sad can suddenly feel happy.
  • Talk about death and suicide.
  • Say goodbye to someone, even though he has no plans to go anywhere.
  • Severe depression which makes him have a sleep disorder.

How do you handle it?

Every problem must have a solution, no matter how hard it is, the problem will definitely end. All you need to do if you or your relatives experience signs of wanting to be looking for professional help, visit a therapist. Gather with positive and supportive people. Always remember, that life is temporary, your problems are only temporary without having to end your life. Every individual on this earth is valuable and can have a good role, the most important thing is never to give up.

If your relatives experience it, you have to be a good listener, try persuading you to go to a therapist, but don't argue about death or suicide. People who have severe problems tend to not think rationally. Keep encouraging.

The medication used as a treatment is an antidepressant, but you should consult a doctor before using it. Several studies have shown that suicide neurobiology is caused by serotine neurotransmitters, which play a central role in every suicidal desire.


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