Signs of a Baby Already Satiety and Can Stop Eating

Signs of a Baby Already Satiety and Can Stop Eating

Signs of a Baby Already Satiety and Can Stop Eating


If children or adults can stop eating themselves when they feel full, babies will not. Babies cannot speak fluently with you to ask to stop eating. Then he will usually show special gestures to tell you that he has been satiated. Come on, pay attention to what signs the baby is full, and whether he has been eating enough or not.

Signs of a baby being full

Signs of a Baby Already Satiety and Can Stop Eating

When a baby is full, he will:

  • The baby's hand is open and relaxed.
  • A suckling baby will keep its mouth away from the mother's breast or bottle.
  • Babies look calm and relaxed.
  • Babies fall asleep when or after breastfeeding.
  • Babies belch, or spit a little.
  • Babies who are eating while sitting in a chair will usually lean back when they are full.
  • Babies turn their heads away from food bites; or refuse to open the mouth when it is fed.
  • Babies who can eat themselves will usually play spoons and eat them when they are full.
  • A baby who is rather large can shake his head when it is fed.

Has your baby eaten enough?

Signs of a Baby Already Satiety and Can Stop Eating

Aside from noticing the signs of a satiated baby, you also need to find out if your baby has been eating enough or not. Babies who don't eat enough can be nutritionally deficient.

When the baby is eating enough, the signs are:

The diaper is often wet

The first few days after birth, babies rarely wet or pup. He may only need to replace 1-2 diapers a day. This is normal. The bigger, he will suckle more often and can spend 6-8 diapers every 24 hours. This shows that the food he eats can be digested well by his body.

Weight gain

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, one of the easiest signs to see if a baby is eating enough is his increased weight. A well-nourished child's weight will increase according to his growth curve, which you can see in KMS.

So, you have to be diligent in visiting your health center or pediatrician to check whether your child's weight is ideal for a child his age or not.

Babies look active and happy

Children who are well nourished because eating enough will look active, energetic, and responsive. It's not just limp and silent.

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