Should You Deliver Pregnancy News at Work? How to?

Should You Deliver Pregnancy News at Work? How to?

Should You Deliver Pregnancy News at Work? How to?


Should You Deliver Pregnancy News at Work? How to?

Pregnancy is a happy news that you and your partner usually share with all your family and even close friends. Maybe for some prospective mothers doubt whether they need to convey the news of this pregnancy to their supervisor and coworkers at work. But indeed you should also convey this news to friends at work, so that they know your condition. No need to be confused, these tips can you do when you want to convey the news of pregnancy.

Why do you have to deliver pregnancy news at work?

Notifying colleagues about the pregnancy news is important. Moreover, if the work done by prospective mothers is quite heavy, tiring, exposed to chemicals or dealing with sick people every day.

By submitting pregnancy news, the company or place of prospective working mothers will provide convenience regarding the work to be done. The lighter the work is done, the less risks that endanger the condition of the prospective mother and the womb.

Usually many pregnant women who wait to tell the news about their pregnancy go past the first trimester. This action can indirectly increase the risk of miscarriage.

Even though time can be adjusted to your wishes, it is important to understand the work and condition of your pregnancy. There are several factors that need to be considered to determine the right time for pregnant women to preach their pregnancies to colleagues, such as:

  • How severe the symptoms of a pregnancy are. In the first trimester, morning sickness is common. Symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fatigue will certainly affect your performance at work.
  • Work done. Considering what work you do is important. Especially if you do work outdoors, dealing with sick people, or at risk of exposure to chemicals.

By making the above considerations, it is easier for you to determine when the right time to preach your pregnancy to your boss and colleagues. Don't forget, consult your doctor to find out the condition of your pregnancy and body.

Tips for notifying pregnancy to your boss and coworkers

Delivering the news of pregnancy to your boss and office partner may not be easy for some people. For this reason, the following tips will help you, such as:

1. Notify supervisor first

Your boss is the first person you have to tell. This is better than your boss knowing the news from other people. Preaching it shows your attitude as a worker who values ​​your boss.

Try to find the right time when you want to tell the news. Giving a good impression to your boss will make it easier for you if you need help from your boss to change the work you do to make it lighter.

2. Tell other coworkers

After notifying the boss, you can tell the others. Especially if you work in a team and are facing a project. This allows them to understand your condition if one day the symptoms of morning sickness or other conditions related to pregnancy occur to you.

3. Ask about this problem with others

The policies of each company are different, including the attitude of your coworkers and the work environment you face. If you feel doubtful, you can ask for advice from your friends who have previously done this.

At the same time ask for regulations regarding maternity leave that apply to your company, so that you can plan your childbirth preparation later.

4. Stay professional at work

During pregnancy, symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and fatigue are often obstacles to your work. Even if you have told your pregnancy, you still have to show your professional attitude to work until maternity leave arrives.

If you need something even if your condition doesn't make it possible, don't hesitate to ask for help from your coworkers.

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