Should You Be Anxious If Your Baby Sweats During Breastfeeding?

Should You Be Anxious If Your Baby Sweats During Breastfeeding?

Should You Be Anxious If Your Baby Sweats During Breastfeeding?


Should You Be Anxious If Your Baby Sweats During Breastfeeding?

Small, unusual changes in the baby might make anxious mother and worry easily. Yes, including the little one who often sweats while being suckled. Maybe it doesn't matter if it only happens once or twice, but what if the baby sweats during suckling often happens? Is it normal?

Why do babies sweat when they are breastfed?

When you are breastfeeding, you and your baby are very close. It can even be said to stick together, touching skin and skin. This will make the baby feel warm, especially after breastfeeding long enough, then the heat in the baby's body will increase.

Now, to keep feeling comfortable, your baby's body will naturally lower his body temperature at that time. This process of cooling the body naturally, stimulates the body to release heat in the form of sweat. Finally, your baby sweats while breastfeeding.

So, actually a baby sweating during breastfeeding is still relatively normal and there is no need to worry. With notes, sweat produced from the body of your child in a reasonable amount and not excessive.

Because the excessive sweat can indicate a health problem in your baby. Reporting from the Baby Center page, sweating that seems excessive when breastfeeding can be an early sign of infection and congenital heart disease.

On the other hand, babies sweating during breastfeeding can also be a symptom of a malfunctioning function of the baby's thyroid gland, such as hyperthyrodism.

How do you know your baby's sweat when suckling is not normal?

If your child has health problems that cause excessive production of sweat in his body while breastfeeding, it will usually be accompanied by some symptoms that you should pay attention to, such as:

Difficulty breathing

Babies who have difficulty breathing, usually will breathe in a fast or slow tempo because they are trying to adjust to breathe normally.

Some health problems, including respiratory problems, will make it difficult for the baby to eat. That is why, little one's sweat seems excessive because he is working hard to be able to suckle comfortably.

Tired at feeding

Most babies will close their eyes to fall asleep while they are breastfeeding. This condition is actually normal and occurs in almost all babies.

As long as it is, he still seems eager to breastfeed. Conversely, if he always looks tired and lethargic every time he is breastfeeding, be aware of any underlying health problems.

Refuse to suckle

In some cases, the presence of a health problem in the baby can make it uncomfortable so it refuses to suckle. This is one of the initial signs that should not be underestimated.

If your baby has experienced one or more of the above symptoms, as well as other symptoms that may not have been mentioned, don't hesitate to make sure with your pediatrician.

Should You Be Anxious If Your Baby Sweats During Breastfeeding?

What should be done if your child sweats during breastfeeding?

If the baby's sweat is normal and is not caused by a dangerous health problem, the following tips can help him feel more comfortable while breastfeeding:

Make sure the baby is wearing clothes that absorb sweat

For example, when the weather is hot, let him wear cotton clothes that can absorb sweat. Avoid using a hat or other headgear while breastfeeding at home because leaving your head open will help keep your body temperature in a normal state.

Unless you are breastfeeding your child in a public place. Similarly, when the weather is cold, give him the right clothes to keep him comfortable moving.

Not only your little one, you also have to wear comfortable clothes

During breastfeeding, the baby will be very close to you. So, it is important to always choose clothes with comfortable material when used because what you wear can also affect your child. Make sure your clothing material can absorb sweat well, and cool and soft for babies.

Pay attention to room temperature

Make sure the room temperature is comfortable for your little one, not too hot nor too cold. This will make the baby more comfortable and prevent it from feeling tight in the room.

Give artificial wind to reduce sweat

If your baby looks agitated and feels uncomfortable, you can blow a little air over his head or give a little lightness to reduce sweat.

Change the position of the baby while breastfeeding

Sometimes when breastfeeding, the baby's body and head are in the same position for a long time. This condition can trigger an increase in temperature on the face and body, so that it is hot and sweats a lot.

Make sure you regularly change the position of breastfeeding the baby, especially when changing to breastfeeding another breast.

However, if your baby is still sweating even after following the advice, it doesn't hurt to consult a pediatrician so that the cause and treatment can be immediately identified.

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