Routine Sports, The Key to Preventing Dementia for Middle-aged Women

Routine Sports, The Key to Preventing Dementia for Middle-aged Women

Routine Sports, The Key to Preventing Dementia for Middle-aged Women


Many health benefits that we can get from regular exercise at any age. According to experts, exercise can help prevent dementia and cognitive decline in middle-aged women who have shown symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Even to achieve this benefit you do not need to force exercise heavily Researchers believe light to moderate intensity exercise, such as walking or cycling, can also be very beneficial to prevent dementia.

Dementia has no cure

Dementia is a progressive disease that develops with aging and there is no cure for it. However, its development can be slowed or delayed by a healthier lifestyle change.

Based on the results of several studies, improving physical fitness through regular exercise can be a way to prevent potential dementia.

How regular exercise can help prevent dementia

Recent research has found that neurological abnormalities in brain tissue have been started for decades before the decline in cognitive function really began. Well, maintaining physical fitness can be the main key to maintaining brain health for middle-aged women.

The researchers found that middle-aged women in Sweden with excellent levels of physical fitness had a reduced risk of being 90 percent less likely to develop dementia later, than those who were not so fit.

Regular exercise can also delay the presence of symptoms of dementia for up to 11 years slower, than if you don't or rarely exercise. So for example, the average age of dementia is 79 years, but if you continue to maintain your exercise routine until old age, dementia can only appear when you are 90 years old.

These findings indicate that a high level of fitness has a relationship with a reduced risk of dementia. In other words, good heart health is related to good brain health too.

Exercise is good for the heart and brain

Although the results of the study found an association between physical fitness and the risk of dementia, this study could not explain the causal relationship between the two. Researchers say it's still unclear why the fitness level of women in middle age can slow or even prevent dementia.

Researchers suspect that improving body fitness can protect you from various risk factors for heart disease and pressure /blood vessel problems. For example, lowering blood pressure, maintaining a healthy body weight and /or losing weight, and controlling cholesterol levels. It is known that some cardiovascular related problems, such as high blood pressure (hypertension) and other heart disorders, can make a person more susceptible to dementia later on.

Evidence that appears also shows that heart and lung fitness can directly affect the structure of the brain, due to increased blood flow to the brain.

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