Recognizing Symptoms of Misogyny, Male Hatred Syndrome Against Women

Recognizing Symptoms of Misogyny, Male Hatred Syndrome Against Women

Recognizing Symptoms of Misogyny, Male Hatred Syndrome Against Women


Recognizing Symptoms of Misogyny, Male Hatred Syndrome Against Women

Have you ever heard of a man who was labeled a misogynist? Maybe many of you still don't know this syndrome. In fact, without you realizing that maybe men who experience misogynistic syndrome there are many around you. Let's look at the facts and explanations.

What is misogynistic syndrome?

Misogynism is a hatred syndrome that men experience in women. Misogynism is also described as the behavior of men who hate, despise, and discriminate against women. Usually, men who have behavior like this will put on a pro-female attitude, but will secretly try to "hurt" a woman, then feel happy happily.

What are the characteristics of misogynistic men?

Consider the following characteristics of misogynistic men:

  • A misogynistic man will target which woman he will expose to his hatred. First, he will be kind, pleasant, friendly, and loving towards the woman. The point is he will show a good attitude to be evil next. After the woman's target is in her grip, then she will act harshly, arbitrarily, and not hesitate to hurt the woman.
  • When you are with a woman, the patient will give off arrogant behavior, control all control, and be selfish for sure. Men who experience this syndrome, will have a very competitive feeling (competition), especially if the woman has a level of ability above her, she will feel threatened.
  • The most predictable feature of misogynistic men is to make fun of and ridicule women with vulgar language. Definitely aiming to hurt women's hearts deeply. If a woman is offended or cries over her words, she will be happy and feel victorious over her. No matter how sick a woman is, she will continue to make fun of her without wanting to care for her.
  • Sexually, this man will take over how sex is lived. The important thing is that he is satisfied, and does not care if the woman feels the same or not. Men who experience misogynistic syndromes tend to think, that women are sex objects and are always one level below the degree of men. Not infrequently, many misogynistic men who see women as worthless, they will be humble, treat arbitrarily along with hatred of female figures.

What causes men to behave misogynically?

This is how the origin of misogynistic behavior occurs in a man due to two things, namely the culture and the past or the environment he lives.

From cultural factors, since centuries ago, men were required to always be at a higher level than their ranks. The term is patriarchal culture. The rights and benefits of men are greater, men are considered to have physical strength and intelligence that are considered more than women, or assumptions about the role of women who are said to have to focus in the kitchen and in bed only. Being a woman, will only be considered to be weak by men who experience this woman's hate syndrome.

Well, if this misogynistic man finds a woman he feels has more strength, intelligence, and everything that is more than he has, he will feel scared, weak and afraid of being hated by others. In essence, fear of losing the basic rights he previously thought only men would have.

Whereas from past factors, this can happen if there is trauma incision in men with this syndrome will make men change their views and behavior towards women. This figure that gives a sense of trauma may be carried out by a woman whom he strongly believed before. Unpleasant attitude in the past will give a sense of emotion, a sense of hurt and revenge on a woman who eventually turns into a permanent behavior that she will live.

Then, what is the solution to cure this behavior?

The solution cannot be found and found in a fast period of time. To put an end to these female hatred syndromes, cultural changes are needed that have taken root in and far before this syndrome is examined. Give evaluations and insights for the community to prevent hatred of a woman. Promote continued gender equality, efforts to release cases of oppression and violence against women.

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