Recognizing Piloxing, Sports to Tighten Various Body Muscles

Recognizing Piloxing, Sports to Tighten Various Body Muscles

Recognizing Piloxing, Sports to Tighten Various Body Muscles


Ever heard of piloxing? Yes, piloxing is a new sport that is being favored by women to form and have a sexy, strong and healthy body. Come see, what and how the piloxing movement is done in the explanation below.

What is piloxing?

Piloxing is a sport whose name and movement is a combination of pilates and boxing (boxing) movements. Piloxing is a cardio exercise that combines several elements of fitness as well as dancing.

Initially, piloxing was founded by Viveca Jensen who is a Swedish origin dancer who became a celebrity fitness instructor in Los Angeles. Then finally Viveca Jensen founded and made piloxing aimed at building a self-image of a woman to always look sexy and strong.

In piloxing, exercise is done using a sarong and boxing movement to give strength to the arm, while combining the strategy and flexibility of the pilates exercise. Because the piloxing movement provides a fun but challenging movement, including slipping sexy dances so that the body is more formed.

In practice, Piloxing combines strength, speed, speed of boxing and flexibility techniques of pilates to form posture. This combination of two opposing movements is believed to reduce more calories by 900 calories per hour. So that piloxing can make the body become slimmer, sexy also look stronger. So no doubt, this sport is much loved by women, ranging from teenagers to mothers.

Benefits of piloxing

The following are the benefits of the body obtained when taking piloxing:

  1. Get the health and health of the cardiovascular (heart) organs
  2. Tighten the muscles of the arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen
  3. Burn fat through fun activities, namely through a combination of boxing, pilates and dancing movements

Movement in piloxing sports

1. Piloxing punch

This movement targets your thighs, arms, abdomen and buttocks. With the order of 8 movements at the beginning and you can repeat the movement while changing on the other side of the body. Here is one example of a simple piloxing movement that you can do yourself at home:

  • First, start by standing and positioning your feet hip-width apart.
  • Position your legs and body leaning to the right.
  • Then, make a punch with both hands under your chin, close to your chest.
  • Movement of the foot back and to the side with your left foot, while coiling the right knee.
  • Next it is your turn to make a punching motion with your left arm, do as many as 4 sets in each session.

2. Plank piloxing

This piloxing plank movement targets your back and arm muscles. Usually you are advised to plank eight times on each set. If you need to rest, please rest for 30 seconds between the movements.

  • First, start with a raised push up position. Make your legs stretch straight back with your toes as a pedestal on the mattress or floor.
  • Instead of holding a push up position with your hands, lower yourself down to your forearm so that the flat is on the floor.
  • Hold your upper body so it doesn't shake or move, then bring your knees to the floor and you can stretch your legs again.

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