Psstt ... Want a Happier Life? Come Diligently Wash the Dishes!

Psstt ... Want a Happier Life? Come Diligently Wash the Dishes!

Psstt ... Want a Happier Life? Come Diligently Wash the Dishes!


Psstt ... Want a Happier Life? Come Diligently Wash the Dishes!

Of the many things that need to be done when cleaning the house, washing dishes is usually the homework that is most likely to be delayed. It can even be avoided altogether until someone else is more willing to intervene. But after reading this article, you might change your mind. A study reports that if you want to live happily and be free from stress, diligently washing dishes is the key. Why, how come?

Diligently washing dishes, a simple and cheap, happy way of life

Who would have thought that this troublesome homework could actually make a happy life? But in reality after asking 51 students to do the dishes, that's what a study from the University of Florida concluded recently.

Volunteers who are asked to do the dishes are also asked to focus on the dishes they wash, appreciate the process of washing the dishes, inhale the fragrance of the dish soap, to really feel the warmth from the flow of water used for washing. /p>

After all the plates are clean shiny, the research team gets a report that the students feel their minds become clearer. They reported being 25% more inspired after washing dishes, and the stress level also dropped to 27 percent.

From the study, it was found that there was an increase in inspiration of 25% and a decrease in stress levels of 27%. Based on the journal from Psychological Science, people who can live happily can have more stable marriages, better body health, better income, and more creative ways of thinking than those who are unhappy.

Why does this happen?

One of the reasons we are hard or rarely feel happy comes from bad thoughts that haunt your mind, even though the things that are worried about are not necessarily happening or even won't happen. For example, keep in mind whether the office project will be "scored" even though it hasn't even been planned. Others may only feel continually uneasy that the origin of the cause is unclear.

The more you get upset because of thinking the same bad things over and over again, the more you waste a lot of time by continuing to think negatively and finally feeling frustrated. Now the repeated "rinse-rub-dry" routine when washing dishes can be a good way to empty your mind and shift your focus from those negative things.

By focusing on an activity (in this case focusing on the dishes that will be washed) then a mental condition will be created called 'mindfulnes'. "Mindfulness is to focus your attention in such a way as to appreciate what you are doing right now, without the intention of judging yourself," said psychologist Marsha Lucas, Ph.D, citing Psych Central.

Mindfulness helps you to be grateful for and enjoy the moment, without remembering past bad events or worries about the future. In addition, the effect of reducing stress is also helped by relaxation efforts such as feeling the sensation of "massage" water when washing dishes.

Can 'mindfulness' theory only be applied when washing dishes?

Mindfulness not only can you practice when washing dishes, but also on various other aspects of life. For example, when you are walking from the nearest stop or parking lot to the office building. While walking, you can try to relax your mind and enjoy the environment. Or when eating, you can try eating slowly to enjoy the taste of the food, and focus on being grateful for the food you eat.

The more you practice "mindfulness" the more simple happiness you can get. Besides passing mindfulness exercises, there are several other ways you can do to live happily. Among other things:

  • Eat dark chocolate. Eating chocolate helps the brain produce more happy hormones serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins to produce a positive mood.
  • Make friends and socialize with many people.
  • Smile often and say thank you for the help others have given you.
  • Don't compare yourself with others, and don't make property a top priority in life. People who are crazy about assets are reported to be more susceptible to depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Sports! Sports help improve mood, make life happier, and keep you from the risk of physical and mental health problems.
  • Try meditating to relieve stress.

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