Pregnancy Development on Week 26

Pregnancy Development on Week 26

Pregnancy Development on Week 26


Fetal Development

What is the development of the fetus at 26 weeks' gestation?

Your baby is along the leek, 39cm long from the top to the heel and weighs around 750g. Bahagialah, because now there are only three months left until the little one is born into the world.

Even though your baby's eyes are closed for the past few months, they will immediately open their eyes and start blinking. Depending on ethnicity, some babies will be born with blue or gray-blue eyes (which can change color in the first year of life) and some will be born with brown or dark eyes. Eyelashes and hair on the head also begin to grow.

Changes to the Body

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman at week 26?

The uterus is a safe place for your baby before birth. But your baby will move home after birth. Take time now to protect your home before the baby is born. This includes covering all electrical outlets, securing dangerous objects, installing smoke alarms, and blocking the upper risers with a barrier to ensure the safety of your child.

Take every precaution you can think of, but remember: there is no safer prevention than watching your child constantly with caution.

Maintain a pregnancy that runs 26 weeks

You will feel your footsteps are no longer stable and become more awkward. When you are in the third trimester, there are many reasons you fall. On one side, your stomach becomes bigger and makes the center of gravity shift, which causes your body's tendency to move forward. On the other hand, your joints become unstable which makes you feel awkward and fall easily, especially pregnancy with a large stomach. Fatigue also causes you to often daydream and be more careless, which blocks your view and makes you fall easily.

Visit to the Doctor /Midwife

What do I need to discuss with the doctor at week 26?

Not only stretch marks, but itchy lumps also appear. These lumps may be unsightly and uncomfortable, but they are harmless. Although most pregnancy lumps appear on the stretch marks of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, sometimes they can also appear on the arms. The doctor will prescribe topical and antihistamine drugs or injections to reduce your discomfort.

Tests that may be needed at 26 weeks

Several new tests have taken place this month. When you are in this trimester, your doctor can provide test variables based on your needs and how the doctor works, including:

  • Measure your weight and blood pressure
  • Check urine for glucose and protein
  • Check fetal heart rate
  • Measure the size of the uterus with external palpation (touching from the outside) to see how it correlates with the date of birth
  • Height of the fundus (upper part of the uterus)
  • Check for swelling of the hands and feet, checking varicose veins in the legs
  • Glucose scanning
  • Inoculation against diphtheria

Report to the doctor any symptoms you experience, especially abnormal symptoms. Prepare a list of questions or problems that you want to discuss with your doctor to facilitate your consultation.

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