Pregnancy Development on Week 12

Pregnancy Development on Week 12

Pregnancy Development on Week 12


Pregnancy Development on Week 12

Fetal Development

What is the development of my fetus 12 weeks of pregnancy?

In the development of the fetus 12 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is as big as an orange with a weight of about 15 g and a length of 5 cm from head to toe. Your baby's brain in the womb will continue to grow. Nails and toes, vocal cords, and intestines will begin to form in the development of the fetus 12 this week.

During the development of the fetus 12 weeks, the baby's kidneys have started working. After absorbing nutrients from the amniotic fluid, the baby's body can filter and excrete urine in the form of urine.

Changes to the Body

What is the change in my body?

During the 12-week development of the fetus, pregnant women are likely to begin to be more confident. Pregnant women may feel more beautiful, their skin becomes more refined and radiant.

The cause of this change in self-confidence and appearance is caused by increased blood flow and hormonal activity during pregnancy. As a result, hormones and blood flow to the blood vessels not only increase the activity of the oil glands and make your face more blushed and the skin surface firmer and smoother, but sometimes this can cause acne.

What do I need to pay attention to?

At this time, the fetus does not need a lot of nutrients so that your weight is barely increased. However, when you enter the three-month period of pregnancy, the baby will have greater water, energy and nutrition needs. You need to prepare a certain diet and lifestyle to increase body weight stably.

In many cases, your weight can increase too quickly during the early stages of pregnancy. It could be because you think you eat for two people, when in fact there aren't many fetal nutritional needs. It could also be because the food you eat during pregnancy contains more calories.

In fact, this nutrient is only needed for the mother, not your baby. You don't need to worry about weight, unless you lose weight too fast. Please set clear and reasonable goals and plans for weight control while providing essential nutrients for mother and baby.

Visit to the Doctor /Midwife

What do I need to discuss with the doctor on week 12?

Please consult a doctor to regulate a reasonable weight in the next six months, ensuring a stable weight until the eighth month, and ensuring that your weight does not increase by more than 15 kg during pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor about the right diet so that it will help you maintain slimness and lose weight easily after giving birth, while still providing adequate nutrition for mother and baby. To achieve this, you must gain weight efficiently and improve the quality of food by eating nutrient-rich foods.

Tests that may be needed at 12 gestational weeks

You can ask the doctor during the pregnancy and development of the fetus for 12 weeks of pregnancy. Later the doctor will advise you on a nuchal translucency or ultrasound measurement test to examine the nape of the baby's skin, to diagnose the risk of Down's syndrome.

Don't worry, this test is not dangerous for mother and baby. You may also undergo a blood test to measure protein levels in the blood and find other problems that might cause complications in the fetus and mother.

Safety and Health

What do I need to know to maintain health and safety during pregnancy?

1. The size of your stomach

In the first three months of pregnancy, you may not have a distended stomach. Now your baby has grown and your stomach is enlarged. This means you need to be more careful. As your stomach grows, the center of gravity changes. This will cause you to experience lower back pain. You also may not force yourself or move suddenly.

Bulge in the stomach aka baby bump indicates your uterus is growing and can suppress the main blood vessels. It is best to sleep on your left side of your body at night, ensuring adequate supply of blood and nutrients to your baby, and ensuring safety for you.

2. Anemia

During pregnancy, one of your main obligations is to provide adequate nutrition for the fetus. So, eating a vegetarian diet will not provide enough intake of vitamin B1, folic acid and iron for the production of red blood cells.

If you have anemia, you are at higher risk of infection and bleeding during childbirth. To avoid this, you should consume animal products so that you have enough nutrients for yourself and the fetus.

So what will the fetus grow next week?


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