Physical changes in pregnant women, in addition to an enlarged stomach

Physical changes in pregnant women, in addition to an enlarged stomach

Physical changes in pregnant women, in addition to an enlarged stomach


When a woman's stomach is enlarged, you might immediately think she is pregnant. Yes, one of the characteristics of pregnancy that everyone immediately realizes is the growing belly. But, is there really no characteristic of pregnant people besides their growing belly?

Characteristic of a pregnant person from his physical, other than a distended stomach

1. Breast changes

In addition to the growing belly of pregnant women during pregnancy, changes in breasts become larger also characterize pregnant people who are easy to find. Female hormone levels immediately change after fertilization occurs in the womb. And, this can cause your breasts to become big. Apart from getting bigger, the breasts also feel pain and are more sensitive. You may feel your breasts are fuller and feel tingling when touched.

In addition to the shape of the breast, your nipples also experience changes. The nipple becomes bigger and the area around the nipple (called the areola) becomes darker. Enlarged breasts and nipples are prepared by your body to produce milk and breastfeed when your baby is born.

You may need weeks to adjust to this breast change. In order for you to be more comfortable with this change, you should use a bra that fits your breast shape. Maybe you should buy a bra larger than your usual bra size.

2. Skin and hair changes

When you are pregnant, you also experience various changes in your hair and skin. These changes are normal for every pregnant woman. You may experience problems with hair growth, also changes in skin color (pigmentation). Your skin can also be more sensitive and itchy.

Skin discoloration often occurs in the neck, face, and other parts that are often exposed to sunlight. Some pregnant women may find their skin brighter during pregnancy, some may feel more dull and dark skin during pregnancy. These changes usually vary between pregnant women. Also, if you have a birthmark or mole, this will also change to darker when you are pregnant.

Not only that, your blood vessels may also be clearly visible in certain parts of the body. This can happen because there are small blood vessels that rupture because pregnant women supply a lot of blood during pregnancy. These small blood vessels that are visible under the skin are commonly called spider veins. Blood vessels in your calves can also rupture. This is called varicose veins, usually appear blue and painful.

3. Changes in basal body temperature

When fertilization occurs, your body temperature may rise slightly by about half a degree or higher. This slightly higher body temperature may last several weeks after you have fertilized or no longer menstruate. This means that you may be pregnant at the moment.

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