Pheromone, a Chemical Substance That Can Attract Couples: Do Humans Have?

Pheromone, a Chemical Substance That Can Attract Couples: Do Humans Have?

Pheromone, a Chemical Substance That Can Attract Couples: Do Humans Have?


Have you ever heard the term pheromone? Pheromones, in English called pheromone, are a type of chemical produced naturally by living things. According to experts, this unique substance can be a separate sexual attraction. Very interesting, right? Come on, learn more about the pheromones and their functions here.

Get to know pheromone and its function

The pheromone substance was first recognized in 1959 by scientists from Germany. The scientists found that animals, especially insects, would produce pheromones during the mating season. This unique substance usually comes out through sweat glands or oil glands in animals.

Pheromones produced from the body of this animal then release into the air and are captured by the sense of smell of male animals. The male animal that catches this substance will then come to the female animal to reproduce.

The researchers also found that the pheromone produced by each animal apparently produced a distinctive aroma. Even between one female mouse and the other has its own aroma. From there, male rats will choose females with the aroma of pheromones, which they think is best for reproducing.

Do humans have pheromones?

The idea that animals can produce special substances when looking for a mate does indeed sound great. If it turns out that animals have such abilities, what about humans themselves? Are humans also able to produce and capture pheromone from their potential partners?

Unfortunately, until now no evidence has been found for the presence of human pheromones. Indeed there are natural chemicals released by the human body, but the structure is too complex to be called a pheromone.

Further research is still needed to ascertain whether humans really have pheromones and what exactly is the structure of these substances. However, there are some promising research results.

One of them was by Florida State University in 2011. This study reveals that when a woman enters ovulation, her body will emit a special aroma that can increase male testosterone levels. Testosterone itself is known as a hormone that can increase libido or sexual appetite, both in men and women.

Another 2012 study in the Journal of Advanced Research said that there was a special substance produced by men, called androstenone, which functions like a pheromone. Androstenone was reported to improve the mood of female study participants who received exposure to the substance.

Pheromone, a Chemical Substance That Can Attract Couples: Do Humans Have?

So, can humans emit an attractive body scent?

Indeed, there is no concrete evidence about pheromones to enhance sexual attraction in humans. But from the various results of recent research, the theory that humans have pheromones seems very possible. Experts may only need new research methods or more sophisticated tools to prove the existence of these substances.

Outside of the pheromone itself, humans do have a distinctive body aroma. This aroma is determined by lifestyle, diet, and health conditions of each person.

Unconsciously, you may have "recorded" the scent of the body of a loved one. So when the aroma is captured by the sense of smell and the brain, you also feel more comfortable. This case occurs a lot in babies who learn to recognize their mother's figure through a typical mother's body aroma.

Because your brain has remembered that the scent of the mother's body is so pleasant, later when looking for a life partner you might be more interested in someone whose body smell is similar.

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