Overcoming Shake Teeth with Various Natural Ingredients

Overcoming Shake Teeth with Various Natural Ingredients

Overcoming Shake Teeth with Various Natural Ingredients


When you are a child, the tooth shake indicates that your milk teeth will be dated and replaced with adult teeth. However, rocking teeth are not only experienced by children. Even adults can experience it too. Unlike a rocking tooth in a child, don't let the tooth break or date.

However, the rocking teeth certainly feel uncomfortable in the mouth. Especially when you have to chew or talk. For that, you need to deal with rocking teeth properly. Here is a trick to keep your teeth from breaking, without using drugs.

Shake teeth in adults

There are various factors that cause teeth to shake or brittle. Generally, rocking teeth in adults are caused by periodontitis. Periodontitis is inflammation of the gums caused by infection. This inflammation causes damage to the delicate tissues and bones that support your teeth in place.

Risk factors for periodontitis include not maintaining oral and dental health, heredity, drug side effects, and smoking habits. This disease can generally be treated independently at home.

Natural ingredients to deal with rocking teeth

Without realizing it, natural ingredients that have been in your kitchen so far can be the savior of the rocking teeth. No need to use expensive drugs because natural ingredients usually work faster and more effectively. To overcome natural rocking teeth, consider the following four ingredients.

1. Salt water

When the teeth start to shake, immediately rinse with salt water. Mix a few tablespoons of salt water in warm water. Then, rinse for about one minute and discard. After that, clean and brush your teeth as usual. Salt water can eradicate bacteria and relieve infections of the gums that make your teeth shake. You can also gargle salt water regularly to prevent periodontitis.

2. Turmeric and black pepper

The mixture of turmeric and black pepper turned out to be effective for overcoming shaky teeth. Turmeric and black pepper have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the mixture of both can restore the strength of your gums.

To mix this mixture, mix turmeric and black pepper in a balanced amount. Then, pulverize turmeric and black pepper until smooth with a mortar and rubbing. You can also use turmeric and black pepper which are packaged in powder form.

With your fingers washed, apply to the sore gums while massaging lightly for one to two minutes. After that, rinse and dispose of the remnants of the mixture from the mouth until clean.

3. Salt and oil mustard

Another concoction that can overcome rocky teeth is a mixture of salt and mustard oil. Mustard oil (also known as mustard oil) is made from a mustard plant extract with a distinctive taste, which is slightly acidic. The mixture of these two ingredients is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and various important minerals that are good for maintaining tooth strength and density.

Mix a pinch of table salt and two drops of mustard oil and stir until smooth. With clean fingers, apply this mixture to the affected gums and teeth. Lightly massage for about two minutes and rinse thoroughly.

4. Cermai fruit

This yellowish-green fruit seems to be effective for overcoming rocking teeth in adults. Cermai fruit can repair connective tissue that is damaged in the gums. To strengthen your gums, dissolve the cermai fruit extract in a cup of warm water and drink once a day. You can also eat the fruit directly, but avoid chewing with rocking teeth. Chew food on the side of a healthy mouth.

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