Options for Climbing Mountain are Delicious, Practical, and Stay Healthy

Options for Climbing Mountain are Delicious, Practical, and Stay Healthy

Options for Climbing Mountain are Delicious, Practical, and Stay Healthy


Planning to climb a mountain on the weekend? When you plan to do it, a lot of preparation is done. In addition to physical preparation from a long time ago, you also have to think about what food is right to be taken as stock to climb the mountain. Because the food to climb the mountain can not be arbitrary. Not all foods are good for consumption when you climb mountains or move around in the wild. Then, what are the foods that are good for stocking up the mountain?

Guide to choosing foods to climb mountains

Food is the main energy source that the body needs when on the move. Mountain climbing is not an ordinary activity. This activity is arguably quite heavy physical activity - depending on how high you climb - and requires more energy so you don't get tired quickly. Here is a guide to choosing foods to climb the mountain so that your choice does not only fall on instant noodles.

1. Foods with high carbohydrates are suitable to be used as a mountain climbing stock

Foods that contain carbohydrates are suitable as a provision for climbing mountains because these foods can be the body's main energy source. You can bring two types of carbohydrates in your diet. Simple carbohydrates, such as various sweet foods, and complex carbohydrates that you can get from various types of staple foods.

In this case, foods that contain simple carbohydrates can restore lost energy quickly, after previously being used to climb and climb hills. Snacks that have sweet taste are indeed high in carbohydrates as simple as possible, but you should avoid such foods. Instead, you can make various sweet fruits such as apples and mangoes which also contain simple carbohydrates in them. Besides, fruits can also make you full for a long time.

Meanwhile, you need complex carbohydrates to block your hungry stomach. Although not as fast as simple carbohydrates, this type of carbohydrate is still needed by your body to be used as long-lasting energy. You can choose bread that is more practical than rice to be brought up to the top of the mountain. In addition, you can also choose wheat bread that has more fiber, so you can help with hunger.

Options for Climbing Mountain are Delicious, Practical, and Stay Healthy

2. Side dishes that are high in protein

Inside the side dishes, there are proteins and fats which also should not be missed when you go up the mountain. Choose foods that are high in protein but low in fat, such as skinless chicken, boiled eggs, or fish.

Avoid foods that are high in fat because it will make you nauseous and your stomach will feel bad.

3. Don't forget fibrous foods

Vegetables are still needed to meet fiber needs while you are climbing mountains. Almost all types of vegetables are good for consumption when hiking or camping. But, you should avoid vegetables that contain high gas, such as cabbage and cauliflower.

If you really intend to cook on a mountain, you should prepare vegetables first before taking them along to go up to the mountain with you. Cut or lunch vegetables, so you can easily process them when they reach their destination.

4. Sufficient drinking water

What you can't miss is drinking water. Make sure that you drink enough water when climbing the mountain later. Make sure that you have enough to drink before you start climbing, you must consume at least 4 glasses of water so as not to dehydrate. Then, every one hour to drink 2 cups, so that your liquid is quickly replaced again.

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