Not Only Men, Women Can Also Experience Premature Ejaculation

Not Only Men, Women Can Also Experience Premature Ejaculation

Not Only Men, Women Can Also Experience Premature Ejaculation


If you hear the term premature ejaculation, what's on your mind? Maybe the first thing you think about is the problem of manhood in bed. Eits, don't get me wrong. Not only men who can experience premature ejaculation. Apparently, research shows that similar problems are experienced by women. Want to know how women can experience ejaculation or early orgasm? Check out the answer below.

What happens when a woman orgasms?

Men usually ejaculate when they reach climax or peak pleasure. Meanwhile, climax in women is not necessarily followed by ejaculation or discharge of vaginal fluid (not urine).

Orgasm occurs when the uterus, vagina, and anus contract for a few seconds. This contraction is accompanied by a sensation of release. The rate of breathing, blood flow, and heart rate will increase. At this time women feel peak sexual pleasure.

Some women may experience squirting after orgasm. This condition is very similar to male ejaculation. But don't worry, the fluid that comes out of the vagina is not urine from the urinary hole. This fluid is produced by special glands in the vaginal wall.

When will a woman orgasm during sex?

The body and experience of each woman is different. So, there is no standard time to determine when you should reach orgasm. Even the same woman may not always orgasm at the same time every time she makes love. There are also many women who don't orgasm at all when having sex, and this is normal.

According to Dr. Rob Hicks, a sexual health expert and website health consultant tells WebMD, that the average woman will climax within 20 minutes. However, orgasm can also occur 30 seconds if the woman is aroused enough.

What is early orgasm in women?

When many people have not even had an orgasm in their lifetime, there are women who experience premature orgasm. Women who experience premature orgasm can reach climax in just seconds, even less than ten seconds.

Based on a survey by a team of experts from the University of Chicago in 2005, 10% of study participants aged 18-45 said they often experience early orgasm.

Recent research in Portugal in 2011 also found something similar. 40% of the study participants complained of frequent orgasms faster than they wanted. For 3% of study participants, this early orgasm disrupts their sexual life.

What does it mean if a woman has an early orgasm?

Unlike female sexual dysfunction, early orgasm usually does not indicate a chronic disease. This case is also usually not dangerous. Based on a number of studies that have been carried out, early orgasm in women usually occurs in those who are indeed feeling so excited, very satisfied with their relationship with a partner, or have not been making love for a long time. In addition, sensitive clitoral and vaginal nerves can also make a person climax faster. So, early orgasm should not be a serious problem.

How to prevent premature orgasm

If this is already very disturbing, try to make love slowly. Avoid directly stimulating sensitive areas such as the breast or vagina. Expand kissing or making out before penetration. That way, you can enjoy intimate moments longer with your partner. When it's near the climax, lower the speed or reduce your sex rhythm.

If these methods don't work too, you can see a doctor or marriage counselor. Especially if this problem really feels disturbing you and your partner. Remember, no need to feel frantic or embarrassed. Because the problem can occur to anyone. Not necessarily means that something is wrong with your sexual passion.

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