Not all Dara membranes can be torn when you first have sex

Not all Dara membranes can be torn when you first have sex

Not all Dara membranes can be torn when you first have sex


Not all Dara membranes can be torn when you first have sex

The integrity of the hymen is identical to virginity. In addition, the community also associates women's virginity with family honor and good name. The hymen, also called hymen, is a symbol of the sanctity and morality of a woman who is loyal to family, culture, or religion.

Virginity is a topic that is often covered by various kinds of myths and confusion. Not infrequently, these two topics are still considered taboo to be discussed by most people.

What is virginity?

Virgin is often interpreted as a woman who has never had sex. Sex itself has varied coverage to be interpreted accurately.

Many people interpret sex as the activity of penetrating the penis into the vagina. This definition is really narrow because it overrides many people and other types of sex. Some people who have never had vaginal penetration sex do not consider themselves virgins because they have had other types of sex, anal or oral.

This definition also limits the scope of the LGBTQ + community that may never have penetrative sex of the penis-vagina, but does not consider them to be virgins.

Some people believe that "virginity" is based on agreement (desire and agrees to engage in sexual relations of each party). So, many also consider that sexual relations on the basis of coercion do not make someone not a virgin anymore.

What is the hymen?

The hymen is a very thin skin tissue that lines the vaginal opening. Many assumptions suggest that this membrane stretches over the entire vagina. In fact, hymen have various levels of elasticity and thickness, also have openings (the shape of the openings varies in each woman) to allow menstrual blood and other body fluids to flow out.

Generally, the hymen has an opening as wide as the size of a finger or a small tampon. However, the opening is not always shaped like a donut hole. For some women, membrane openings are shaped like stepping on a ladder, and there are also openings shaped like small holes throughout the surface of the hymen. In very rare cases, the opening can look so small that the finger, tampon, or penis may not be able to penetrate the layer easily (or, it can't at all). In fact, there are a handful of women born without hymen in their vagina.

When a woman enters puberty and starts producing estrogen, this can cause the hymen to change its texture, providing a barrier to 'false' to enjoy sex without pain.

The function of the hymen is still unknown, but one theory says that hymen is there to protect the opening of the vagina and surrounding area during the early period of a person's growth.

The hymen is torn, meaning it's not a virgin?

The integrity of the hymen is still a measure of one's virginity and morality. In fact, virginity cannot be measured or proven from a vaginal physical examination.

Hymen is usually torn when experiencing penetrative sex for the first time, but this is not always the case. Tearing of hymen can cause temporary bleeding and slight discomfort. What needs to be understood, the membrane can also be torn due to other conditions, such as masturbation (inserting fingers or sex toys into the vagina), inserting tampons, speculum insertion during doctor's gynecological examination, or other physical exercise (gymnastics, horse riding, cycling). p>

There are so many determinants that might play a factor in hymen injuries. There are also many studies that show that forensic experts in child sexual abuse cases are not able to read signs of hymen damage, especially if the victim is brought to the hospital late for an examination, because the torn membrane in children and adolescents can still recover quickly.

Some women may not realize when their membranes are torn, especially if it does not occur during sexual intercourse, because torn hymen can occur without causing bleeding or pain.

How can the hymen not tear during sex?

Pain during sex is a general gynecological condition, and can be caused by a variety of factors that may have nothing to do with medical disorders, one of which is a penetration rush without adequate vaginal lubrication.

When having sex for the first time, the membranes in the vagina will stretch to facilitate the entry of the penis. You can 'keep' the hymen not torn during intercourse if your body relaxes and has good lubrication.

Some women can bleed during their first sex because their hymen structure is thicker or more resistant than other women.

The hymen only exists once in a lifetime

Uniquely, hymen won't just disappear from your body, even after a tear has occurred. Some membrane tissue residues will remain attached to the vagina after intercourse, and will even survive after labor.

In addition, the development of modern medical technology allows people to 'rejuvenate' their vagina and hymen again. There are two special procedures for doing this:

  • Hymenplasty or hymenorrgraphy reconstruction surgery . This procedure allows the doctor to sew back the remnants of the membrane tissue in your vagina. This procedure will disguise your "insecurity" so that when you are required to undergo a virginity test, health workers will not know the difference. Hymen reconstruction surgery is not an emergency medical intervention, but only a procedure carried out on a social basis like other plastic surgery.
  • Artificial hymen . These artificial objects are non-toxic and safe to use. Artificial hymen can be inserted into the vagina, thus releasing fake bleeding (artificial fluid with a blood-like texture) when penetration occurs.

Thus, the integrity of the hymen cannot be used as a benchmark to determine one's virginity because virginity is not always related to penile penetration.


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