Menu Inspiration for Breaking Fast and Sahur for a Week

Menu Inspiration for Breaking Fast and Sahur for a Week

Menu Inspiration for Breaking Fast and Sahur for a Week


Menu Inspiration for Breaking Fast and Sahur for a Week

In the early days of fasting, you might still have a myriad of ideas for the menu of sahur and iftar. As Ramadan progresses, then you are confused about what else to cook. Although confused, do not immediately surrender to the "help" fast food restaurant. Just check some of the inspirations for breaking the fast and sahur for the next week.

Even though the meal time is only twice a day, the menu is still not allowed to be

There are only two meals, early morning and late evening, can help you control your appetite and weight. However, this of course depends on how healthy your fasting and sahur menu is every day. The right intake of food can also help maintain your health during the fasting month.

If you are not careful, the food you consume when breaking your fast and dawn can actually cause your weight to increase dramatically. Remember, two things you must pay attention to are discipline and self control. If these two things are carried out properly, there is no longer the term weight gain due to fasting.

In order for your food intake to be controlled, apply a balanced nutritional diet with the right proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. When breaking the fast, consume foods that are easily absorbed by the body. Avoid eating crazy when breaking the fast and don't go to bed immediately after eating. Give pause about 2-3 hours after eating so that the body can digest properly.

While at sahur, increase your intake of fiber and protein to help you fill up longer so you don't get hungry fast while fasting.

Try to always bring fruit and vegetables every day and choose a menu of foods with relatively little oil, sugar and salt. To be more healthy, avoid cooking by frying. Foods that are cooked by boiling, steaming, and baking are the best foods.

Inspiration menu for breaking the fast and sahur for a week

Menu Inspiration for Breaking Fast and Sahur for a Week

Here are some menu choices for breaking fast and sahur for a week that can be your inspiration to cook:

Day 1

  • Sahur: grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, setup broccoli, beans and carrots
  • Break the fast: infused water, brown rice, sauteed green chili tempeh, urap, pumpkin vegetables

Day 2

  • Sahur: Boiled eggs plus grated cheese and broccoli, a bowl of fruit
  • Break the fast: coconut ice, brown rice, long bean tofu, pepes fish, chickpeas setup

Day 3

  • Sahur: oatmeal plus yogurt and dates, a bowl of fruit
  • Iftar: compote without coconut milk, brown rice, spinach, pepes tofu, sambal

Day 4

  • Sahur: toasted wheat bread filled with scrambled eggs and avocados
  • Break the fast: smoothies, brown rice, water spinach, cakes, empal balado

Day 5

  • Sahur: milk cereal and a bowl of fruit
  • Break the fast: healthy fruit ice, brown rice, pepes fish, sauteed long beans, tempeh or bacem tofu

Day 6

  • Sahur: A bowl of vegetable salad (fill in lettuce, tomatoes, onions, purple /regular cabbage, comb corn, lemon juice, a little olive oil) and scrambled eggs.
  • Break the fast: green bean porridge, brown rice, stir-fried putren meatballs, sweet and sour pindang fish, perchini

Day 7

  • Sahur: medium size boiled corn, boiled eggs, fruit
  • Iftar: fruit pudding, brown rice, sauteed spinach and corn, grilled chicken breast, bacem tempeh

There are many other choices for breaking fast and sahur menus during the week. You can repeat the menu mentioned above or replace it according to your creativity. In essence, so that your weight is controlled and your health is maintained during the fasting month, it is important for you to pay attention to the intake of food consumed when breaking fast or dawn.

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