Men with cheating hobbies turned out to have low IQ

Men with cheating hobbies turned out to have low IQ

Men with cheating hobbies turned out to have low IQ


Men with cheating hobbies turned out to have low IQ

Research shows that cheating men have IQs that are more "squat" than men who faithfully live as closely as their partners. No, this ignorance is not judged by negligence that made them caught red-handed when mixing love with other women. They show their folly just by being unfaithful.

Well, what is the relationship between love loyalty and a low IQ?

Why are men having an affair?

Differences in the chemical and genetic systems in the brain provide strong reasons why some husbands cheat more often than others. Research shows that in men who are fond of cheating, the sensation of excited mixed happy because not (or not) caught cheating actually further motivates them to do so. These men experience the urge of dopamine (a chemical in the brain that affects emotions, actions, and pleasure and pain) and adrenaline when engaging in less ethical behavior, such as infidelity.

But the reason for an affair husband, or boyfriend, is not only that. Men are very practical creatures. Their main motivation for engaging in a romantic relationship is to get sexual satisfaction. This is why one of the classic reasons for men having an affair is to get a better sex experience and orgasm than other women who are more attractive (or experienced) than their current partners.

Why do cheating men or husbands tend to have a low IQ?

Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist from the London School of Economics and Political Science, said that the more intelligent a man is, the less likely he is to cheat on his partner. This is because men who have high IQs are more appreciative of the aspects of sexual exclusivity and monogamous relationships themselves, than those who like cheating.

Kanazawa theorizes that the relationship between male intelligence and his tendency to cheat has its roots in the development of human evolution. In prehistoric times, sex was only considered a purely biological need to produce as many offspring as possible. In ancient times monogamy will not provide many benefits for the survival of the male offspring, because having a wife is enough one cannot ensure the head of the family to have children, if seen from the childbirth process the child is still quite left behind.

The ability to faithfully undergo monogamous relationships is assessed by the research team as a milestone in modern human civilization that signifies that humans are more developed and smarter. Smart people will be more open to new ideas and thoughts. Smart men understand correctly that to preserve bloodlines and get sexual satisfaction no longer have to go through polygamy or look for other women, because the number of women and also the life expectancy of children is certainly increasing compared to during prehistoric times.

Boyfriends and cheating husbands are considered to have IQs that are more "squat" than other men because they are considered to fail to adapt to modern human evolution. Because to be able to adapt to every development that exists, humans need qualified cognitive intelligence to enable them to be able to read all situations by thinking logically. If you are not a great thinker, you tend to do things without thinking and move on as fast as lightning.

When you are blinded by lust, sexual arousal makes you have less self-control. Men are reported to show impulsive tendencies and greater willingness to make risky decisions, such as having an affair. This is what makes men "less intelligent" may tend to be more indifferent about the effects of damage that might arise from the affair so they are able to put aside guilt.

Interestingly, according to Kanazawa's theory, the relationship between loyalty and intelligence quality does not apply to women. This is because Eve will always be expected to be loyal to one partner - even in a polygamy society.

Not all cheating husbands have a low IQ

The research above, according to Marty Babits, social workers and the author of The Power of the Middle Ground: A Couple's Guide to Renewing Your Relations, does not consider the value of a relationship rooted in the complexity of psychological problems that are generally not related to the level of one's intelligence.

In addition to the reasons for seeking sexual satisfaction, there are also many men who cheat on the grounds of childhood trauma related to neglect or rejection, and revenge has been hurt beforehand. Trauma makes them experience severe stress and anxiety to find closeness with a woman and feel loved by others. This is a manifestation of fear and trust issues that are far more complicated than just "mainstream" cheating.

This study also tends to overestimate the situation, said Daniela Schreider, clinical psychologist and doses assistant at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. According to him, many smart men who are also hobby cheating. Just look at John F. Kennedy, the US president who has an affair with his secretary or Tiger Woods who is having an affair with fellow golf players.

Schreider continued, smarter men appear to be cheating less often (even though it might be the same), perhaps based more on the chance of being caught which is much smaller thanks to their intelligence which makes them more skilled at turning their brains and reading every potential situation that is dangerous for him.

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